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I bought fabric again.  What’s with me?  I can go for a LONG time and buy zero fabric except what I get at the thrift store (which I don’t really count as it’s so cheap) then I open the wallet and it’s virtually impossible to close.

I know if I’m going to be spending money I’d MUCH rather be spending it on fabric than a manicure.  With my fabric purchases I get long term entertainment and I get a great awesome finished project that can be enjoyed and used for a LONG time.

So here’s my confession…I follow Quilting Twins on Facebook.  Rachel, the twin that works the fabric side of things, has been showing lots of pictures of fabric as she loads them on her site.  I was scrolling through Facebook and saw that she just put up the fabric on the far left-the floral.  I immediately wanted it as the backing for my Floribunda quilt.  Kelli did some of the leg work (or rather cutting work) for me on that and even though I haven’t shown you yet, I’m starting to do some of the cutting too.  Well I wanted that floral as the backing.  I love yellow roses and this would be perfect.  It was $3.99 a yard…how could I say no?


Well that got me looking through the site and I saw the light plaid.  Well that would be perfect for my Virginia Bound quilt for a backing.  That quilt is made with 100% cotton men’s recycled shirt so that seemed like a great choice….


I should have stopped there but they have a flat rate shipping so what if I bought some other fabric for other upcoming quilts….That’s how the yellow/gold polka dot on the right got into my cart.  I have cheddar bow ties on my UFO list which will need a backing…and if not that quilt, I have plans to make Moth in the Window.


And that blue…WOW.  I just loved that one and have no reason why I bought it.  Again, it might make a great backing for a men’s shirt quilt.  I LOVE the design of it.

So…in short…I am blaming these purchases on Rachel from Quilted Twins.  If she hadn’t popped up in my Facebook new feed I would have never purchased them.

So all of you out there who don’t have Facebook….I don’t know if you should be happy that you don’t have places to influence you into buying fabric or sad because you missed out on some awesome fabrics.  For today…I’m going with the last.  I’m sad you missed out as Quilted Twins has some awesome prices and fun selections.

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  1. D. Weeks (aka Momma Llama)

    I have purchased fabric from Quilted Twins several times and am always EXTREMELY pleased with the quality and, of course, the value. Their shop, in Dade City, is not far from me, so a road trip is in my future. Thanks for all your wonderful blog posts. They are a daily favorite.

  2. I think they will get added to my FB and I really like the blue fabric that you bought. Who can pass up a bargain when it comes to backings. I have been traveling the past few weeks and we have stopped at many new quilt shops and a few treasures have been added to my stash also

  3. Oh my gosh, Jo. Last time you mentioned them, I went to their website and bought. I do not need any more fabric. I do not need any more fabric. But…..they do have some pretty fabrics and the prices are so good…..and shipping is a deal. Sigh. I had rather spend money on fabric rather than manicures too.

  4. I can’t go into a quilt shop without buying fabric or something (usually fabric). I love collecting the row by row patterns but really need to stop. Even though they are free, I feel I have t!o buy something. You got some wonderful fabrics

    1. Just as good as the quilt shop. Many of the fabrics are brand name. You can always place a small order and test it out. That’s what I did!

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