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You might remember a bit ago I order some batik fabrics from Homestead Hearth.  They were having a blow out fat quarter sale.  I ended up buying quite a few bundles.

What can I say…I really didn’t have very good batik selections of fabrics.  I like scrappy quilts and purchasing fat quarters is one of the quickest ways to get a good variety of scrappiness…so I bought some.  I ended up writing a blog and telling you all about it.  Well that blog post ended up publishing two weeks after I actually bought the fabric.  So…some blog readers went and checked out the link I provided and one reader even told me that she had bought some but was a little sad that the pink must have sold out and but she did get some yellows….WHAT?

There were no yellows when I ordered!  So you can guess what I did…I followed the link and found that they were now offering yellow/oranges and light blues.  I didn’t have either.

So you guessed it.  I ordered some.


My “yellows” are more orange but that’s all okay.  There are yellows hidden in between too….some of the blues are aqua and that’s okay too.  Remember-I’ll be making scrappy quilts!!  I need that variety.

So do you want to here more news?  As I was writing this I went to Homestead Hearth’s website.  I found the blowout sale page and WHAT?!?!  The are now offering even more different bundles packages.  I’m afraid they’ve created a monster in me.

I don’t need a bit more of fabric but saying no is so hard when it’s only about $1.40 per fat quarter.  I’m off to wrestle with myself….do I get more?  Probably.

4 thoughts on “Stash Report”

  1. I checked out the site last time you wrote about it, I didn’t see anything I wanted. I just spent over $125. this time. Thanks, I guess. HA HA

  2. Wow, you got some really nice batiks to build up your options. I cant wait to see what you end up making with them. I have found that I like adding batiks with my civil war fabrics, they fit perfectly

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