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I promised to tell you about my thrifty finds when Kayla was here…She found yarn…I found fabric!

Going to my thrift store is always a bit of an adventure.  It’s kind of funny because Kayla and I were working our way there and I made a comment saying to her, “Should we go to the Farmer’s Market first or the thrift store?”  I went on to joke that someone might be grabbing the things we wanted while we were at the Farmer’s Market and she joked that maybe they didn’t stock the good things yet but would while we were at the Farmer’s Market.  I think only real die hard thrifters think like this…

We ended up going to the Farmer’s Market first and I’m glad we did.

We got to the thrift store and we divided up, Kayla looking for her things and me mine.  I circled around to toys and crafty items.  Another lady was digging in the fabric bins so I went to the toys and then back to the fabric bins.  I was so excited.  I found a few things that I thought I could put to use.  Fabric is only 50 cents per piece unless marked.

I ended up picking some things up.  For some people, the pieces I grabbed likely wouldn’t have been something they would quickly grab.


For me, these are perfect.  There’s enough of the Pooh fabric for a baby quilt backing…the pillow ticking is for Kelli…the bottom piece I paid extra for- $2 but there were 3 1/2 yards.  It will work great for a quilt made from recycled shirts.  It might be a border or a binding.fabric-2

The others, they will get cut up and used in scrappy quilts.  Any scrappy quilt needs variety.  These “uglies” will help provide the variety.

I checked the next laundry basket of fabric…and found more.  The red and plaid flannel are both enough for backings.  The bottom two blues will likely find their way into a recycled shirt quilt too.


The lady who was also looking through the fabric baskets and I started chatting when she suddenly recognized me as “that Jo in Waucoma that has a blog) She was surprised I didn’t buy kits to make my projects…nope….just lots of thrifted or on sale fabric for me!!

I was on my thrift store find “high” (thrift store “highs” really are a thing that’s how I know I am an addict to thrift stores) and I scooted my cart around to find Kayla and show her my goodies.  That’s when I noticed there was a store worker who had a cart full of merchandise and she was putting it out.  I thought I could see more fabric in there!!

Oh no!  I started to plot to figure out how I could get it.  The store worker was busily putting stuff away then wheeled the cart to the other side of the store.  People aren’t allowed to take things out of the cart before they are put on the shelf but they do it all the time.  I try to be good and follow the rules.  I was hoping there were other rule following people in the store and wouldn’t grab the fabric from the cart.  The worker wheeled from one department to the other.  I tried not to be obsessed.

As the worker put things out, she would stop and reorganize shelves.  Inside I was screaming, “Please just but the fabric on the shelf”….but no.  She was busy doing her work.  Then she got called to the register to help check people out.  By then the cart with the fabric in it was emptying and I could see the fabric.  Um..yes, I wanted that fabric.

The worker was done at the register and was going to go back to putting things out for sale.  I got brave and asked, “Are you putting more fabric out?”  She said yes, picked up the fabric and put it on the shelf.  I picked the pile up and put it in my cart.

Here is the fabric I plotted for!  What do you think?


Then I turned around and she put another stack there!  I quickly grabbed that too!


All of these were only 50 cents each except the neutral leaf one to the left.  That one has three yards in the piece.  The others have anywhere from 3/4 to 2 yards.


I am TOTALLY in love with the fabric shown below.  I love the chickens!!  I love the colors.  I pulled this fabric out and am working to come up with something fun using the fabric as a focal point…Hmmm.


Can you believe that my total at the check out for fabric was just over $20.  I am in heaven and VERY happy.

I am so blessed to have this great shop so close to me.

13 thoughts on “Stash Report”

  1. from thrift shop to fabric room – what is your process to organize it., other than the scrap user’s system? do you cut it right away? I find thrift fabric and it clogs the system, because it all so different. I’d love to hear how it gets into the house and up to your room.

  2. Good job controlling your urges and following the rules. . .I would have found it hard to contain myself as well. My friend just cleaned out her mother’s sewing room before they sell the house and brought me a huge pile. I am most excited about the Me and My Sister scraps, as I needed more of them to complete a quilt I started last spring. Off to church, then back to the sewing room!

  3. Wow, you made a good decision to go to the Farmers Market first or you would of missed the extra basket of fabrics. Great finds!

  4. Wow! What a great haul! I love the variety…but my favorite is the chicken fabric. I’d want to use it where I’d see it all the time. A kitchen curtain, a valance, a banner….depending on the yardage. But I’d want to have it out where I could see it. All. The. Time!

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