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I needed some backing fabric for my two Zuckerwatte quilts so I decided to try something new.  I ordered from Quilted Twins.  Have you heard of them?  Earlier this month I told you about the awesome free patterns that they have…today I’m telling you about the awesome fabric prices they have.

After I mentioned Quilted Twins last a couple people contacted me and said that they had ordered fabric and were happy with the speed of shipping, the packaging and service.  That got me thinking I’d try ordering from them and tell you about my experience….

Here’s what I got.


You can’t see much from that picture so I pulled the fabrics out so you could see better….What do you think?

I am planning a spider web quilt and need a constant.  I couldn’t decide between the top two.  Kelli told me to just get them both…so I did.  Seeing them I still can’t decide which I prefer…..Time will tell.  I’m not ready to start this project so I’m not going to get too serious about thinking about it.

The two pinks are the backing fabrics I picked.  They are for the two Zuckerwatte quilts.  They are different and I’m hoping that doesn’t cause a problem.  I thought this was we could tell the quilts apart better…even though I’m sending the quilts home with the kids who are in two different families.

After I got done petting the fabric, I looked at the invoice.  You can’t see it the best but I extra yardage was put in my order.  I’m guessing that rather than fill a scrap bag with the left over fabric after cutting they simple passed it along to me.  Another note says that a spot was found on one fabric so she added more.  Great with me!!


I am very happy with the order and I will order again…especially for backings.  Some of the fabric is only $2.99 a yard…but most is higher but I don’t think there was much over $6.  I’m super happy….I’ve always been frustrated with paying lots for backing fabric.  Now here’s another option for me.  I’ll be ordering again and if you haven’t been over to Quilted Twins yet, go, check out their fabric and their awesome free quilt patterns.

9 thoughts on “Stash Report”

  1. How nice of them to include the extra fabric vs making it a small remnant, I will be checking them out. Thanks for another great lead

  2. I agree!! I don’t like paying a lot for backing fabric and Quiltedtwins is awesome!!! Great prices and service

  3. I will definitely check them out! And it’s so wonderful that they put a little note on the invoice, and they were keen on making sure everything was right.

  4. I love this post. We just met both twins on quiltship and I can’t get over their free patterns as well! They are all beautiful. Quilted Twins is a great site. Now I believe I had better get ordering some fabric.

  5. Love the fabrics. With the links you could back the quilts then use the opposite fabric to bind the quilt. That way each kid will have both fabrics but you will be able to tell them

  6. Thanks a lot Jo……now they are sending me fabric too, I have just got to stop reading your blog. It’s costing me……but seriously, they do have great prices and some really neat fabrics!

  7. Thanks for the info on Quilted Twins. I’ll check it out. I started buying fabric from Whittle’s after you suggested it. Both places should make you a spokesperson since you lead so many there to shop. lol

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