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I ran to do errands on day last week after childcare.  Happily my favorite thrift store is open until 6pm so if I can get out the door at 5pm-make the half hour drive-then I have 30 minutes to shop.  I love that they are open until 6pm now.

Anyway…check out my treasures.  Fabric bags for $1 each.  I’ve been starting to collect novelty prints.  I want to do a baby quilt that has the letter “A” and then is surrounded by novelty print pieces that have items that begin with that letter.


I could see that there were quite a few novelty prints included in the bags so even though I didn’t need any more fabric, I bought them….Check out some of the goodies.  This will help my collection for sure.


I also found bags of buttons.  There were several more bags there but I didn’t NEED any more buttons.  I just like them.  All of my button collection has lost all of the color too so these will add some color.  I do anticipate my button box getting more use in the future as Carver gets older and I need to entertain him in the sewing room.  These bags were very colorful.


I have always wanted a pincushion collect but surprisingly I never find them.  This day I did.  See the chair pincushion?  It was 50 cents.


I also found this crocheted “bag” of marbles.  I don’t know what I’m going to do with it but I thought Kayla would love to see it.  I think it suppose to be  a turtle.  There’s kind of a head where the drawstring closes.  Interesting…

I love my thrift stores…Everyone tells me I have the best ones, and truly, I do.

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  1. You really get some great finds when you go to the thrift stores! The crocheted animal that you found with marbles in it is a soap sack. They would save their slivers of soap in these little bags and use them up.

  2. I know what the turtle is supposed to be used for! It holds a bar of scented soap and goes in your lingerie drawer. My grandmother and great aunt made a bunch of them. Mine has a bar of Yardley’s lavender that must be ancient

  3. My grandma used to make those crocheted bags. We’d put a scented bar of soap in them and use them as sachets in our lingerie drawers. When the scent was gone we’d replace them With a fresh bar and use the old one for our baths. Thanks for the sweet memory.

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