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Over the weekend I was out doing errands and for me, that means a stop at the thrift stores.  Happily I found some fun things….

There are several different thrift stores where I went and this is a conglomeration of everything I found.  The metal shelf…$5.  I love these for my African Violets.  It doesn’t matter if I spill water when I water the plants and it holds quite a few of them.  I had recently said to Hubby that I wanted another shelf.

The little pots are a rubbery plastic with no holes in them.  I will use these for my African Violets.  These will be the outside pots that I set another pot with drainage holes into.

The little handmade counted cross pincushion was 25 cents.  Can you believe it?! That actually makes me feel sad.  A lot of hard work went into creating that!!


I’ve sworn myself off and told myself NO MORE COOKBOOKS!!!  Well I saw these and Hubby does have a collection of fireman things….Do you suppose I could justify them as a purchase for his fireman collection?  It sounded good in my head…so now I am committing to making at least five things from each of the books in the upcoming months. By the way, Hubby had a great big chuckle over my reasoning for buying these.


I also got a bag of 100% cotton shirts.  There are 10 here and the cost $4 total.  Most are Old Navy shirts.  I love them for cutting up.


I also got a bag of scrappy fabric goodies…$2.  I love the little novelty prints.  Don’t you?


Best yet, I found some yardage.  The rolled piece was 1 3/4 yards…the white pieces was $1 and there’s 3 yards there.


I also found a binder for 50 cents.  They had several there.  I debated over which color to pick and finally settled of pink.  My reasoning…if I can’t find it, I’ll find it easier if it’s a bright color.


I already have started using it.  Remember I said I was loving many of the free scrappy patterns at Quilted Twins.  Well I’ve printed a few and am putting them in this binder.

Well I spent just under $20 and had lots of fun too.  I found some things that were treats…some wants and some needful things.  I will say it again and again.  I love that I live where I do for MANY reasons…one of them is the awesome thrift stores we have in the area.

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9 thoughts on “Stash Report”

  1. I would like to sit your thrift stores! Here we only have big name ones so a shirt is probably around$7.99. Even if I get a discount it’s hard to think of using them for a quilt!

  2. I can’t believe the cheap prices at your local thrift stores, her in the U.K. I would pay the same amount for two shirts as you did for a bag……,,

  3. Wow, some really nice finds in the fabric department and I love the idea of the shelf for you plants.

  4. You probably got $100 worth of recreation while spending your $20. I’m trying do downsize, but can’t resist going into the front of the shop after I drop my stuff off at the back. It’s fun to wander around and think, “Why would somebody buy THAT in the first place?” I’m in California, and your prices are much lower there.

  5. Shirts in thrift stores are usually $3 each, unless there is a tag sale. . .but I have 4 totes of shirts to get made into quilts, so those are on the DO NOT list. When I get some more UFOs done, LOOK out. . .summertime is just 9 work days away. :)

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