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I’ve been busy working on my Zuckerwatte quilts….yep, quilts, as in TWO of them at once.

I was looking ahead on the pattern and saw that I need an inner border AND I need a bias binding.  I don’t have yardage in pink here.  Ya, I have lots of quarter yard cuts and fat quarters but yardage…No.  I put that on my list that should I get to New Hampton, I’d check out Material Magic.  They are going out of business and all the fabric is now 40% off.  Well as long as I needed some, there was my best option.

A couple days later I ended up going.  You guessed it…I went to get this…


and came home with this too!!  In my defense, these are all pieces that I have confidence that I will use.  I cuts for borders for a batik quilt….that made good sense.  Batiks are typically more expensive so it’s a good deal, besides, remember me saying I have very little in my stash that is more than a quarter yard cut?  But, there’s more…..Stash-4
What is it about cheap fabric that I can’t restrain myself??!!

My justification…I need some pinks to finish the borders on the Zuckerwatte quilts (who am I kidding?  I wanted it.)  The pink with words, well I love word fabric….the neutrals, well Bonnie Hunter says neutrals are legal.  The bottom neutral I cleaned the rest of the bolt.  I think it was three yards worth.  Again, I never have anything of the same fabric that’s a larger cut of yardage.

Well, I didn’t stop there either.


This butterfly fabric I really love.  That was the complete and total splurge.

The good news is that Hubby knows about it all and still loves me and plans to stay married to me so life is good!

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10 thoughts on “Stash Report”

  1. Unless the quilt has a border with curves, bias binding is not necessary. That makes life so much easier! Enjoy your fabrics. Buying on sale is the best way to buy!

  2. I am working on Garden Party—I have not looked at what I need for borders yet, but I will cross that bridge when I come to it. I enlarged the quilt by a row all the way around. I am so anxious to be on summer break, so I can sew all day!

  3. All of the pieces are lovely and will easily fit into any stash, great finds. It made me chuckle when you said your husband plans to stay married even tho you bought so many pieces, lol. Thanks for sharing and the laugh.

  4. To me I have the same I buy more fabric then I need but always keep in mind leftovers and can be used on other new projects

  5. I had to chuckle at your comment that your husband knows and still loves you….and I am drooling over that butterfly fabric. I grew up with a particular quilt we called “the butterfly quilt”. It was string pieced and there was one dominant fabric that was a beautiful butterfly fabric. It was like a liberty lawn fabric and became shredded over the years. I want to replicate the quilt with a pretty butterfly fabric but have not found one….YOUR fabric is just what I need!!

  6. All lovely additions to your stash. Love the coral fabric in the 2nd photo, think it will go with the butterfly fabric. I try to cut binding on the bias believing it will last and wear longer because it has multiple threads on the edge, not just one thread running the length of the binding.

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