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There is a wedding coming up on Hubby’s side of the family.  I need a quilt.  Hmmm…what to make, I don’t know.


I was contemplating choices the other day when I was eating my lunch.

It’s hard when I make a quilt that I know I am going to give away.  I want to make a nice quilt, but I don’t want to fall in love with it and want to keep it…but, I don’t want to give a dud of a quilt either.  What to do?  What quilt do I pick.

I thought about making something with batiks.  I feel like for a modern day couple that I don’t know the best, they are a safer bet….Batiks aren’t Civil War and they aren’t brights.  Somehow they seem safer.

It’s Hubby’s niece so I talked to him about it and of course his comment was “do what you think is best”.  That’s it.  I don’t know what is best.

I got this far in the decision….I am leaning towards batiks so when we were in town the other day with Hubby I asked his if we could stop and pick up fabric for the quilt…I don’t know why I asked as I still don’t know what quilt I am making.  I’m kind of leaning towards an Irish Chain done in batiks but still, I”m not sure.  We stopped at the fabric store in New Hampton that is going out of business.  I went in and came out with this….

So what am I making…I still don’t know but whatever it is, I figured I would need an amount of neutral background fabric.

While I was in the store I was talking to another lady at the checkout who said that she doesn’t ever make quilts for weddings anymore.  She said the couple didn’t appreciate it at all as she never got any kind of thank you at all when she gave a quilt to her niece.  I’ll admit, that has happened to me but I don’t really care about that.  I try really hard when I gift a quilt to do it out of well wishes to the recipient, not for me to get noticed.  I give a quilts because it is a priceless gift.  The best thank yous come in pictures.  My nieces often post pictures that they took while they were in their house…and what’s on their couch?  A quilt I gifted them!!  That is the best thank you ever!

So readers….what quilt should I make?  I want something nice…nothing overly taxing…and something I won’t fall in love with and want to keep….I’m thinking in batiks.

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P.S.  Remember that first picture in this post with the soup?  It’s French Onion Soup and it’s wonderful.   I have plans to share the recipe before the end of the month.  Keep checking back.

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  1. love your choice for the background. as a suggestion, why not make a “Meet in the Middle” quilt for the happy couple. Sounds like a perfect choice for a wedding quilt to me.

  2. There is a happy medium between a thank you note and you getting noticed and that is a thank you note sent promptly. Gifts not acknowledged weight on the couple for years.

    Irish Chain in Batiks sounds perfect.

  3. The batik background fabric is perfect for whatever quilt you make. I suggest you ask your daughters what size they think would be appropriate and which pattern. They’ll give you the best advice.

  4. Your background fabric is lovely. I think Irish Chain would be a great choice. When I am trying to choose a quilt pattern to make as a gift I always find it hard. About 5 or 6 yrs ago I read this and it sticks with me……A present is something someone asks for…..a gift is something I want you to have. A gift comes from the heart no matter whether its handmade or purchased. I do my best to give gifts.

  5. I love your thoughts on how involved the quilt should be for a gift. I feel the same way.
    Make it nice, but don’t put many hours and heart and soul into the project.

    I like a simple disappearing nine patch as a gift. It seems young couples see the color of a quilt, but don’t know the difference in patterns. If you made a double wedding ring quilt, they would only comment on the pretty colors.

  6. Fun with Bricks is a very quick quilt and looks sharp. I am working on finishing one for a grad gift out of batiks in blues, tans, and browns. I can’t wait to see what you pick.

  7. I really like the piece of Batik fabric that you got and I cant wait to see what you make. I think a brick pattern would be nice out of batiks.

  8. If you’re going to do a scrappy Irish Chain, consider doing it in strip sets. Happily Scrappily is a Leader and Ender quilt. Strip sets are quicker. If I have a quilt I need to quickly, I usually do a two-fabric quilt, like the classic red and white or blue and white quilts. Yeah, it’s more boring than scrappy, but all those decisions are dealt with. Or you could use precut. I prefer to wash my fabric before cutting, but they do sell fat quarter packs.

  9. How about your Unchained Melody pattern? You’ve got a great background already and it is a fabulous design! Not sure if you wanted one that large, but the instructions are easy to follow. :) I get it if you’re looking for a new design to sew, though. I made the same quilt three times once and the third is definitely not as fun as the first.

  10. I think Irish Chain is a good choice. Another one that I have made several of for gifts is Bonnie Hunter’s Strip Twist. It goes together quickly and looks more complicated than it really is.

  11. Love the batik you bought for the background! All the quilts that you make are lovely and such an inspiration to me! Eager to know what pattern you while use and to see the finished quilt! Happy Mother’s Day to you!

  12. Jo, you did not say how large you want the quilt. I agree that young people often want modern quilts. I have done Urban Lattice in batiks – I did not put the small dark strip at the edge of the small triangle.
    I have also done the carpenter’s star – For the latter, I added wide enough borders for a 96″ square quilt. You can adjust the size for either pattern. These are bigger blocks.
    Enjoy whatever you make.

  13. Love the background fabric you got, Jo! Looking forward to seeing what you decide to do!
    I know it will great!!

  14. I love two fabric Irish chain quilts. They can be strip pieced quickly but look fabulous. All you need is one more fabulous fabric that will contrast with and compliment your beautiful batik to create the chains. If you can find a multicolored batik it would almost “read” scrappy. Good luck deciding. Giving a quilt freely with love is the most important thing.

  15. I would do a memory quilt..gather scraps or even ties from family members..or a sign quilt have members of the wedding sign a square..easy and fun and a memory that would last forever..sort of like a guest book..instead of a book..

    1. We have such a large family on both sides and there are simply too many that I have to make baby quilts and wedding quilts and graduation quilts that there just isn’t time. On my side of the family, little Carver is great grand child #50 and there are still several cousins that aren’t married and even more that are married and haven’t had children. As wonderful as an idea it is, there is no time!

  16. Maybe Bonnie Hunter’s Scrappy Mountain Majesties would work. Say that as I’m doing one right now with mostly batiks and find it to be so lovely. Using her last layout which is the barn raising style. Irish Chains are always wonderful too.

  17. Marsha from Delaware, USA

    A Bonnie Hunter Scrappy Mountain Majesties variation with a controlled not so scrappy fabric selection. Batiks can be a powerful fabric on their own so limit the number of fabrics using your already purchased Batik as a constant background. Perhaps even just a two color Batik quilt with the second fabric selection being very multi colored. Layout the blocks in an alternate setting so the block layout makes the quilt statement. I would also increase the block size a bit so it could be cut into 5 sub divisions rather then 4. Just some random thinking on a Batik quilt that has been stirring around in my head. I am sure the quilt will be beautiful no matter the pattern you decide to make.

  18. I so agree about seeing a quilted item you gave someone in the background of a family picture is one of the best thank you that you can find/see on facebook.

  19. Kathy Henderson

    A while back you posted the instructions for “Ariel’s Wedding Quilt”. I still love this quilt and have all of the fabric to make it. Just need to find some time! If you did the squares in strip sets, with pre-cut strips, it would go very quickly! That might be a option for you…

    I’m usually just a lurker, but I love your blog and read it every day!! Thanks for all of the inspiration, quilty and otherwise!! :)

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