Stash Report

When I was going back and forth to my doctor appointments I’ve also been periodically stopping at the thrift stores.  I was able to find some fabric.  The purple floral is destine to be the back of the quilt…the purple plaid is flannel and I think that will back a baby quilt.


The others are just fabrics that will go into my collection.

While I was there I also found this…Goodies to make sock monkeys!!

There should be plenty of socks and stuffing to make two sock monkeys and that’s perfect.  I think I’ll make them next will be for Carver and the other for Scott, Buck’s girlfriend’s little guy.


This all made me super happy.  I’ve made a couple of sock monkeys before.  They are quick, easy and lots of fun too.  Now I have to somehow remember that I have the goodies and get them made.  It’s a happy coincidence that they were there.  I likely wouldn’t have thought of making them had I now found the socks.

To see what others are doing with their fabric collections check out Patchwork Times.

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  1. The fabrics are a great find and flannel is good for those Iowa winters. I haven’t made a sock monkey in years, looking forward to seeing them made.

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