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Can you believe I don’t have anything that I can talk about that came in?  That hasn’t happened for a long time.  That’s completely okay though…I full!  I actually had to think about what I’m going to write about…typically I have things that have come in the mail or Kelli and I have bought fabric…not this time.

I thought today I’d tell you about how I am USING my stash….right down to the littlest scraps.

You might remember that not long ago I completed my Santa Fe String Star quilt…take another look at it.


Look at all those flying geese around the outside.

Now take a look at Star Struck.  I’m working on that one but have the borders done.  Check them out.  See all the chisel pieces?


I am a person that keeps the bonus triangles when I make flying geese, chisels or any similar shape.  If you aren’t familiar with bonus triangles here’s a couple pictures I took while working on another project that explains the process.  

Here I was putting corners on a square.  I placed the smaller square on the larger fabric…I sewed on the diagonal and then sewed a second line a bit from the first line.

Then I pressed both pieces and check it out…there’s a “mommy” and a “baby”.  Well the “mommy” is for the project, the “baby” I save for later.

I did this for both Santa Fe String Star and Star Struck….that left me with quite a few “babies”.

Well the search has been on to find a pattern to make that uses up “my babies” (bonus triangles).

I came up with this…. Hawk’s Nest.


It’s a Bonnie Hunter pattern.  I can be found in Scraps and Shirttails II…so do I have enough half square triangles?


YEP…I do.  Of course, mine will be a little bigger so I need more than the 504 the pattern is calling for.  No fears, I have PLENTY!


I dug in and found some cheddar fabric.  So I guess this now makes the UFO?

Whether it is or isn’t, I don’t mind.  I’m happy to have a big set of the quilt already done.  This one will hang out in the laundry room for now.  Lots more needs to be cut and one day sometime over a few nap times when I don’t have other things to do, I’ll get it cut out.

I love having a “jump start” on a quilt.  I already have a nice variety and I didn’t have go through and pull out lots of scraps and fabrics to get it.  I’d say that’s a WIN!

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4 thoughts on “Stash Report”

  1. Jo-I do the exact same thing with bonus triangles………I have been looking for a pattern that uses the 2″ triangles………not sure how I missed that one as I have all of Bonnie’s books. Thanks for posting!!!

  2. That is a total win! Once I learned about bonus triangles, there was no holding me back. I sometimes set them aside and when I discover them it’s like a little treasure and then they do get to join up with the rest of them. I need to figure out a plan for them, but until then, they will keep accumulating.

  3. Me too!! I started stitching the bonus triangles recently, and it is amazing how fast they add up….I started piecing a new project this week that has 12 bonus triangles on every quilt block, and there are 64 blocks, so just from this one project, there will be quite a stack of those little bonus blocks…Now that I have started doing this, there is no stopping…. Good News! All those bonus blocks means bonus quilt tops!! Win! Win! I am a hand piecer, so leaders and enders don’t work too well for me…but this sure does!!

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