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I haven’t said much about it yet but I’ve been going to physical therapy for my shoulder.  You might remember long ago, back in August of 2015, I took a fall.  (read about it here if you missed it)  Well since then, my shoulder has never been right.  Recently it started acting up and being a bigger problem.  Taking a shirt off over my head has gotten to be painful….grabbing a glass out of the cupboard is uncomfortable and even vacuuming is a problem.  It’s all do-able.  The discomfort isn’t overwhelming but it’s not fun and not normal.

A bit ago I ended up a the doctor’s and she sent me on to physical therapy.  I wasn’t thrilled with that because it’s so hard for me to get away from childcare but I went with it and so far, I’ve been okay with it.

From the first visit I told her upfront that I need things to do at home to and can’t make it to lots of appointments and she was very willing to work with that.  My diagnosis is this….I have a “arcing pain” caused by a pinched tendon.  So what do I do…exercises to improve my posture and the strength of my rotator cuff.  The exercises aren’t bad and don’t take a long time.

Well that’s gotten me out of the house and if I’m out of the house I hit a thrift store.

This is the best find I’m had in a bit….these three were $2 each.  Can you believe that each of them are 6 yards each.  BACKING!!   Charity quilts can definitely use all of these.  The colors are good too.  I’m VERY happy with this…


…and this little fun bag…Who can resist a 50 cent grab bag of fabric goodies?  Of course not me.  Even as a kid I was a sucker for grab bags.  Some things never change.


Stopping at the thrift store makes the physical therapy all tolerable and not bad at all.

To see what others are doing with their intake and out put of fabric check out Patchwork Times.

5 thoughts on “Stash Report”

  1. I am a sucker for grab bags too!! In fact my favorite LQS has these all the time. Of course the price isn’t as good as 50 cents!!!

    I too have a messed up tendon in my shoulder… not fun…I feel your pain

  2. Stopping at a thrift store sure makes going to physical therapy a lot more fun! I’d like to know what exercises are good to strengthen a rotator cuff. I still have a small problem with that, even after physical therapy.

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