Stash Report

The mail lady brought my mail to the door last week.  There was a HUGE box along with my mail.

As she came, I was running out the door to a doctor appointment (more on that in another post) so I had to wait until I got home to open it.  While waiting in the doctor’s office I kept thinking…did I order something?  I would certainly remember if the item was that big.  Hmm…Quilt tops or goodies??

When I got home I immediately opened it and goodies it was.  Look at all the great yarns.  I love it!  It’s for my daughter Kayla and her charity knitting.  Kayla has been so busy knitting.  It seems she’s always posting pictures of finished projects.  This will be perfect as knitting baby afghans is her favorite.


Tucked in with all the goodies was this for me!  WOW.  I love it all.  

Neighbor Girl was here the next day and helped to sort out the ziplock bag of goodies.  It’s loaded with 5″ squares.  The will be perfect if she wants to sew another quilt someday.  I don’t push her sewing at all.  I tell her what I’m doing and if she wants to do whatever it is, great.  If she doesn’t, that’s fine too.

Sometime she wants to sew and other times not.  I try to make her time here happy and having choices equals happiness in my world.

The goodies came from Nancy in Homestead, FL.

The card she sent with the package was so cute.  In the pictures someone is shown wearing a wonderful knitted shawl…I’m betting that was Nancy’s hand that made it.  I love it Nancy.  Thanks for the goodies and the note.  Your thoughtfulness and willing to share was greatly appreciated.

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