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I don’t buy a lot of fabric anymore.  I remember years ago when I was trying to build a stash of Civil War fabrics I would go into the quilt shops and buy $100 worth of fat quarters.  So many of the reproduction quilts that I loved were scrappy and how does one get a good scrappy collection unless you buy?   Several time I went up to the Calico Hutch in Hayward.  They had a big sale on one Friday each month.  Then fat quarters were only $2 each…I would buy a big bag full hoping to get some for a good scrappy collection.

Those days have passed.  I have a great scrappy collection partially thanks to those adventures but mostly thanks to finishing project and having left overs and from blog readers.  So often blog readers sent their cast off fabrics to me and I gather them up and put them in my stash.  I trim and cut and have an AMAZING collection of fabric to work with now days.  I love it.

Occasionally something catches my eye and I buy a bit of fabric here and there.  Often it’s something so I can finish a project I’m working on….often it’s a novelty print that catches my eye…and occasionally it’s a pre-cut fabric pack that calls my name.

This time it was a pre-cut.  I had seen this earlier and I even have a couple charm packs here waiting for attention of the exact same print…so why did I buy more?  The price was right!  Yes, even I can cave for a Missouri Star Quilt Daily Deal.

I know that some people poo-poo pre-cuts.  Me, I love them.  It’s a instant scrappy quilt with fabrics that are sure to match.  If I need something quick….a pre-cut is for sure what I want to work with.  There are people who say that we pay more per yard of fabric if purchasing a pre-cut.  Sometimes, I don’t care and sometimes I get a great deal and the fabric actually ends up cheaper.

I’m not sure what I’m doing with for now but something will come to me.  You know I would love the farm fabric! I have trouble resisting anything farm related.

To see what others are doing with their fabric intake and out put, check out Patchwork Times.

4 thoughts on “Stash Report”

  1. I’m with you Jo ~ I love precuts ~ always such a nice variety that I can count on to play well together. Often the precut selection becomes the base for a quilt then by adding just a few scraps I’m quickly ready to make a quilt!

  2. The best thing that ever happened to my stash was when I met a local fabric saleswoman and she cleared out her stash to move across the country. I bought a huge amount for less than $3 a yard and she gave me all her samples and leftovers. I will be using them for years. I did not care what color or design and now have a great scrappy stash.

    The problem is the size of the stash. I need more rooms.

  3. Precuts can be a real time saver and when its a great deal, hooray! I have some of the those MSQC specials in my stash and they will find a purpose…..nice choice.

  4. I love charm squares and Missouri Star have a wonderful selection beyond just Moda. I have A LOT of the fabric you showed, not just charm squares. My first grandchild is 9 months old LOL.

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