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I started working on a project.  I planned on telling you about it tomorrow.  Usually on Mondays I do a “what I’m working on” post.  Today, I have to “put the cart before the horse”.

I had to buy border fabric and I had to buy backing fabric.  This project has a deadline and I’m a little behind.


I ended up picking this.  It will make a great border and I didn’t have time to shop for both fabric separately so this is going to be both the border and backing fabric.  It will work and actually even look pretty good so I’m going with it.

My deadline is March 5th at 8am that I have to have it finished.  It’s do-able but I need to keep trucking along with the project.

I found the fabric at Material Magic yesterday.  You might remember that I did a shop tour of the shop. You can find it here.  As the gal was checking me out she said that they got this fabric in thinking it would be great for Quilts of Valor.  I think they are right. It would.

It’s actually a backing fabric that’s 108″.  Perfect.  That’s going to speed up my finishing even more…no piecing a backing for this project…YAHOO!!  I’m off.  I want to get as much done on this as I can today.

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  1. I love that fabric! would you please tell me what’s on the selvage so I can try to find some for a Quilt of Valor I’m working on. Thanks you in advance!

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