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Last weekend there was a big garage/junk sale in Fredericksburg.  I’ve been going to the sale for years and years.  The lady who started it goes to auctions.  She’ll bid on something and then end up with a bunch of  things she doesn’t want.  She takes the unwanted things, collects them and then has a giant garage sale twice a year.  She had three daughters and now all of the daughters do the same thing and even several of the grand children to too….that’s why the sale gets bigger and bigger.

There is table, upon table, upon table of things….LOTS of things.  There is anything there from primitive pieces to a jar of marbles, to sewing notions, to old windows with panes, to old license plates to pyrex.  If it’s old or primitive, they likely have it.   I can’t even imagine how many truck loads of things come to the garage sale.  It is really, really big.

Years ago this lady did this too.  Back in the early 90’s she would buy cutter quilts for me and I’d make Santas and such out of the rotten quilts.  I’ve know her for quite a time.

This year I thought I wouldn’t go but Hubby wanted me to go.  He likes her sales but couldn’t get off work to go.  I ended up going.  I did snap a few picture of things I wondered if Hubby might be interested in…

Actually I sent the picture of this to Kalissa.  She has been wanting a dressing screen for her LuLaroe stuff.  This one she thought might be a little too small.

They had this one too.  This one she liked better but it had a problem too.  When I opened it there was a crack between the panels that was at least an inch wide.


I snapped a picture of this for Hubby….We thought to put a new top on it.  The idea was good but they wanted $10 for it.  There isn’t a huge profit margin to fix it up and sell it.


I didn’t know if he was looking for spindles so I snapped a picture of them too.


I liked this stool.  I have a stool obsession.  I passed it by though.


This table was cute…again, it need work.


This dresser was only $55.  Cute.garage-sale-6

Here was a bucket of horse equipment….Hubby has a couple projects in mind for some but these were the wrong pieces.


There was a top to a treadle sewing machine.  It was only $5….but we didn’t know what to do with it.

There were tables and tables of other goodies…I forgot to snap picture of that.

So curious minds…are you wondering what I ended up coming home with?  If you guessed fabric, you were right.  These are all big enough for backing something.  The bottom three are flannel.  I think I spent $8 total.


A blog reader once mentioned that I should photograph the charity quilts as they come in so readers might see the colors and might donate backs or that I might see something when I’m thrifting and buy the backing.  I work a bit in the opposite way.  If it’s affordable and in a color that I think will work someday, I buy it.  I trust that somehow, someway, a charity quilt top will come to me and be the perfect match.  So far, this system has worked for me.

I am really eager to find a quilt top for that dog print flannel fabric.

That was my adventure….To see other adventures in stash use, check out Patchwork Times.


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