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As one of my childcare moms were coming into the door she said, “The UPS guy has a package for you and he can hardly carry it.”  After she left I thought I’d go check out the box.  Hmm….It looked like it was a 45″ batting box.  It was huge.

I didn’t think I ordered anything.  I didn’t think Hubby did.  Hmm.

I went to the garage and struggled to get the package in the door.  OH MY!  It was HUGE.  I opened it.  WOW.

Fabric, fabric, fabric, yarn and trims.  Holy scraptastical!!!!


One was a bag of yarn.  That went to Kayla.

One bag was lace and trim.  Look at all that trim!Stash-33

The bags I’m going through bit by bit.  There is a lot in each bag.  I have sorted and picked some things for Neighbor Girl.  I haven’t shown them to her yet.  I have them in a spot in my sewing room and once the project she is working on gets a to where she wants it, I’ll introduce two projects and then let her pick which one she wants.

I’ve pulled a few things here and there.  It’s always fun to imagine what was made with the original pieces….how long ago they were made and where the projects are today.

There is so much I have to share.  I can’t possibly use it all.  My friend Connie said she wants to make Jingle Bell Square so the Christmas goodies will likely go her way.  I have three Christmas quilts and for now, that’s enough…I only have three beds after all.

Mark this down as the biggest shipment of goodies that have ever come my way.

These goodies came from Lanan in Primghar, IA.  Thanks so much for thinking of me Lanan.  What a load of scrap!!  It’s going to be fun petting and going through it all.

It’s been a day or two from the time it came to my writing this post and I am still in shock over all that was in the box.  By the way…that box has been a hit with the kiddos.  They’ve been playing and playing with it.

To see what others are adding to their stash check out Patchwork Times.

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  1. How wonderful. I love to give things to people who I know will love them too. I’ve never seen anyone purge trims like that though. I sew for an organization that makes layettes for miscarried babies and we are always looking for trims for the fleece blankets and flannel/cotton wraps. I wonder if Lanan has a good (reasonable) source where she originally got the trims? If she is reading and can answer that question, I hope she will chime in.

  2. Joanne, if you send me your address, I have some lace and flannel I could send you for your projects. I got the lace at an auction where the lace was used to make wedding gowns that I do not need. They came with some items, I did want so it has been in my sewing room crying for a new home. You would be helping me to clean out some stuff from my sewing area. You can contact me at
    Jo, looking forward to the retreat. Do you think the Kramer-Hanken pattern would look good in red, white and blue?


  3. It was time to reorganize and look at my strash realistically!! I think I got a lot of the lace when a local store closed but I have had good luck with the mail order company, “Home Sew”…maybe that’s someplace you can check Joanne. I’m glad Kayla can use the yarn and you can have fun with the scraps!!! Be assured, I still have a healthy stash of all of the above!! I just delivered 15 knitted hats to a NICU so I try and use up my abundance!! When we moved 2 years ago and my husband helped move my sewing room (not the best idea) he was shocked!!! Enjoy!

  4. Jo, I know what a wonderful blessing this can be, as I’ve been the recipient more than once of almost a van load of fabrics! You are sure to come up with some wonderful projects and be able to do lots of sharing!

    Joanne, would you have a pattern or instructions on how to do the tiny layettes? I am interested in doing this, but wondered about size. Thank you!

  5. You are indeed blessed by many of your readers, Jo! They know things will be put to a good use and/or cause. Personally, I think creating a new sewer/quilter in the neighbor girl is a great cause!

  6. Thank you for the feedback. The organization is called Holy Sews and is based out of Little Rock, AK. I am part of a chapter in NY. Our group formed almost 3 yrs ago and we have delivered 600 layettes to hospitals around NY state. I can’t share the pattern since it is copyrighted but I copied this info from their website. Our layettes consist of a small fleece blanket, a hooded wrap with a matching tunic, a knitted cap, a tiny teddy bear and a prayer card which includes a place for the parents to fill in information on the baby, as well as a place for the baby’s footprint. They also have a FaceBook page and you can see what the layettes look like. I’d be happy to answer any other questions if I can. You can reach me at Thanks again for all suggestions.

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