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You might remember that last week’s stash report featured goodies that I got from Carolyn in Texas.  This week’s comes from her too.  She had messaged me that three boxes were coming.  I believe she mailed them all at the same time.  They didn’t all come at the same time though.  One came at the end of one week and two came the next week.

Check out all of the goodies!


Lots of this will be put to use right away.  I put together a box of quilting things for my niece Jody’s benefit that was held on January 28th.  My quilting basket of goodies for the silent auction had some new magazines that we had quilts featured in, our book and 2017 calendar, a cute little collapsible basket Connie made, pre-cuts and a few other goodies.  I am certain Carolyn won’t mind so I took the single thread spools and one of the charm packs and put it in the basket.

I am saving some Halloween prints in one spot thinking that I’ll likely make the string pumpkin quilt that Bonnie made once the pattern is published.  These are perfect.

Can you believe the thread??

This is all Auriful threads.  Carolyn said that every time she used it, she had trouble with her machine.  I’ve used it on mine and have had none!!  Wee-haw.   My thread usage will be covered for awhile.

While the goodies were all great, what I value the most is the emails I have shared back and forth with Carolyn.  She’s a retired school teacher.  School teachers are near and dear to me…especially good ones.  Teachers can really make a difference in the lives of children.  Good ones are worth their weight in gold.  I have a daughter, Kayla, who teaches and Karl is on his way.  We talked and I told her that right now Karl is planning to student teach in Houston.

Getting to know all of you makes blogging a whole lot more fun.

Thanks so much Carolyn….You blessed me more than you know.

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  1. Bless you for all you do. So glad you could use the thread for the benefit basket. Have a wonderful day with friends and family.

  2. I live about 20 minutes southwest of Texas. If Karl does student teach in Houston, he is invited to as many home cooked dinners (suppers?) as he wants.

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