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A box cam in the mail for me last Saturday.  It was a fun box filled with goodies from Carolyn in Texas.  It always amazes me how with careful packing so many goodies can fit into one box!!

These were so fun.  There are a bunch of loose left over charm blocks.  Those are going in a pile for my neighbor girl.  They work WONDERFULLY when I’m sewing with her!  I plan to use the two patriotic charm packs and make our quilt Connect Four that is in our published quilt book, Country Girl Modern.


In the stack in the back on the right were lots of cowboy prints.  When Connie was here she was telling me about all the pillow cases she makes.  They are so cute I’m saving some of them for pillow cases…How fun will cases be that have horses and cowboys?

Also in the mix were these little gems.  I love the sewing themed ones.  I think they would work with some little crafty projects.  I am betting once Kayla sees the one with pins she’ll try to snag it away from me.  Kayla’s last name is Pins and thus the addiction to anything that has pins.


Remember the cute little pop up garbage cans that Kelli and I made with Connie?  The red one sure would be fun to use to make another one.  I’d love to figure out how to hang one off my long arm quilting machine to put threads in.  Too often I end up with threads on the floor and then threads in the beater of the vacuum cleaner.  UGH…I think I’ll work on trying to figure out a way to attach one to the quilting machine…or maybe one of you know of a pattern for one.

Carolyn told me to expect more boxes…OH MY!!  I am anxious to get them!

I have an easy way of storing fabric.  My neighbor girl has taken to putting a lot of it away for me.  It’s so fun hanging with her.

Thanks so much Carolyn….You were so kind to think of me.

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  1. At Handiquilter, they quilted bags that then held paper bags and hung them from the side rails with long pieces of velcro strapping. Their big pin cushions were kept there with the velcro straps and could be moved around easily or quickly wrapped on a wrist. Sewn in snaps on straps or magnets would work well too.

  2. I’ve found with the long arm, the thread catchers are always where I’m not so I’ve started wearing an apron….the kind servers in restaurants wear to keep their order pads, pens, etc? it has two big open rectangular pockets and I use one to put threads in and use the other to put my snips, spiral eye needle (to bury threads as I go) and my seam ripper. That way they are always at hand.

  3. I taped a coffee filter cone to my machine to hold my threads. I have used the same cone and the same piece of tape for several years. I also tied the lanyard of my thread snips to the handle of my machine. Usually my machine is right where I am cutting threads because of the light on it. Both cotton and poly threads stay in the paper cone. I empty it as needed.

  4. I’ve found the easiest way to control threads is to wear a cotton tshirt and put the threads on my shirt. They stick really well and I just gather them up when I stop for anything and throw them in the trash. I haven’t had any luck with trash bags, there always in the wrong place.

  5. Rosie Westerhold

    Which post had the info about the garbage can pop-ups! They sound interesting. I have a smaller trash can right behind where I stand at my longarm. I just clip threads and throw them “near” that little trash spot. When I’m done for the day, I just pick up what’s on the floor near my trash can. I still end up with threads on the floor, but not many.

  6. Carolyn…I’m looking for a 1/4 yard of material…I ran short…
    I saw it in this picture…mine is the same but in overall red tint, hues…Because ofThe Brave (Name Tag) one.
    Have you seen it anywhere? If so give me the name of the shop
    and I will call them…thank you so much…Ann

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