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I recently got a call from a local gal.  Someone had contacted her and told her that their mother had died and they were hoping that she, as a quilter, might be willing to take on her stash.  Well it was a lot.  The gal is a teacher at the school and she knows that the Family Consumer Science teacher was in need of donations so she said yes and she’d take the bulk of it to the school.

Well in the boxes were lots and lots of small scraps and left overs from projects.  I ended up getting a call and was asked if I would be interested in those.  I said sure….you know me, scraps are my favorite.


Here’s a small sampling of some of the goodies I sorted out.  There were several pieces that I think will be backings for baby quilts.  There was a nice stack of neutrals….I can’t have enough neutrals.

Besides that there were these….yep…two big boxes of project leftovers and small bits.

These are going to take longer to sort.  I did pull out a great bag of calicoes.  I’ve told you before that Kayla has been collecting them.  These will go right to her.


I’ll be at this for a long while.

It’s so fun when people think of me and think of me as the scrap lady.  It’s a title I’ll gladly hold on to.

So if you’re looking for me over the next week you can bet I’ve just been and will just be going to sort out some of these scraps.

To see what others are adding (or subtracting) from their stash, check out Patchwork Times.

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  1. I almost laughed out loud when this thought struck me: Bonnie the Scrap Queen and Jo the Scrap Princess. :) I love making scrappy quilts, but I know at least two women who just can’t bring themselves to go scrappy. Their quilts are pretty, but to matchy matchy to suit me. They go so far as to want all the fabrics from the same collection. I remember seeing quilts my grandma made. They were all made from scraps from her clothing sewing. Maybe that’s why I like the scrappy look so much. Plus, the bottom line is that if I bought all new for every quilt I make I wouldn’t be able to afford to quilt at all. And that is just unacceptable!!!

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