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Treats from Texas!!

Cheryl in Texas sent a box of goodies to Kelli and I just before Christmas….You might remember Cheryl.  She is the amazing long armer who has donated her time and talents to helping with some of the charity quilting that happens here on the blog.  Cheryl does the quilts that get sent to House of Hope in Florida.  She’s  a super busy lady who is a true giver.

In the box from Cheryl were these goodies.  The note said that she had gone to the Quilt Festival in Houston and snagged some goodies for me and Kelli.  The CUTE tractor fabric was for me and the nursing goodies for Kelli.  Before she went she emailed and asked if there was anything we were looking for.  I said we were good…Cheryl treated us anyway!


Here’s a peak at the nurse fabric with the sayings on it.We had a good laugh over it.Cheryl-2

My favorite of them is the “It’s Only Poop”.  I might steal that one from her and use it for me for childcare!  I don’t know how many times I tell myself “It’s only poop”.

The card Cheryl sent was SO CUTE!  I turned it over and Cheryl had made it.  WOW!


Thanks so much Cheryl.  I know your life is a new kind of busy.  I can’t believe you took time to squeeze us into it.  THANKS!  Thanks so much.

We’re not sure what we’re doing with the fabric yet but we’ll find something cute.  Kelli was thinking about making a bag to take back and forth to work.  The fabric is going to make the project so fun!

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  1. Cheryl in Dallas

    Sew in good health!

    I am in the ICU with my mother (what a way to commerate her 92nd birthday!) now. I’m not sewing much, but I love to keep up with your blog and folks in the quilting world. When Mother gets better, I will get back to quilting the beautiful tops your blog readers have made.

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