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On my birthday I went to the mailbox and what did I find?  A box of goodies.  PERFECT timing.

At our house we don’t do a lot for birthdays.  I’m so bad at thinking of present ideas..HORRID actually.  So, long ago, I made a deal with Hubby…No birthday presents.  It’s a bit of a let down when there’s no present on my birthday but on the days when it’s Hubby’s birthday I am dancing in the streets because I didn’t have to come up with something to get him.

We do a bit of a compromise…I’m allowed to buy something for my birthday, as is he.  I ordered a pair of shoes for myself this year.  We also go out to eat together.  It’s a good compromise…In the end, I’m happy with it.

Needless to say, getting a box to open on my birthday is pretty special.  Even more special when it’s fabric.  This was gifted to me by Colleen in MN.  It’s a treasure trove of goodies.

There are all sort of goodies that I get to pet and sort.  I know some people think it’s crazy but I love that.

Do you see the packet of batiks?  WOW…Colleen suggested that I use if for my someday batik quilt.  Honest, someday I’m making one!!

In the box were some wool goodies.  If I ever get going and do the rug hooking that I want to do, these will go in the rugs.


Here’s a peek at my favorite piece in the bunch…Stash-72

I love the little people on the fabric…SO CUTE.  It reminds me of fabric from when I was a kid.

There was a local store called Skogmos.  (I’m sure I spelled that wrong)  It was a “department” store of sorts.  There was fabric, some clothing, shoes and the like.  I got my first bra there.  I was in fifth grade or so.  I was mortified when my mom told the lady we were looking for a brassiere for me.  The store was tiny and I didn’t want anyone to know what we were doing….I certainly didn’t want her to announce “brassiere” in the store.  Anyway, I went in the dressing room, tried it on.  I went to show my mom who was outside the curtain.  She pulled back the curtain and there was Mrs. Skogmo and my mom staring at me.  Mrs. Skogmo came forward, slipped her hand in the cup and said, “I think it’s perfect.  It fits enough but she has room to grow.”  Oh my.  I truly was mortified.  Times were different then.  I can’t imagine something like that happening now days.

Anyway…Skogmos did have fabulous fabric.  I loved the pieces they had and I remember mom buying yardage there all the time.  Often mom would let me pick a fabric.  I would pick something like the piece shown.  I would take it home and sew a mattress for my doll bed or something of the like.  I loved cutesy fabrics then and still do now.

Thanks so much of thinking of me Colleen.  This box was a treat filled of goodies that came on the perfect day!

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6 thoughts on “Stash Report”

  1. Lori from Nebraska

    I’ll be chuckling all day after THAT story! I love how you share your life with us with such honesty! Happy New Year and Happy Birthday!!

  2. Oh,my goodness! This post really made me smile! You touched on things that I could relate to: Bali’s, reproduction fabric , variety store (Ben Franklin) and more.

  3. Oh, that our girls were that shy today!
    I’m with you on the birthday stuff. Hub and I have not exchanged gifts for many years. Much simpler that way. Anyhow, there usually is an appliance that needs replacing and gets called “birthday gift.” :-) But Hub drew the line. He still walks in the house with flowers, chocolates and wine on the anniversary. The inexpensive variety, but it’s the thought that counts.
    Happy Birthday, belated, and Happy New Year!

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