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I am always amazed by the great blog readers I have.  I’m really a simple person with not a lot of close friends.  My kids have really become my friends and other than that, I have lots of people I know who I’m friendly with.  I don’t “go out with the girlfriends” or do little get togethers.  My closest friends are likely my kids and my nieces and sister in law…and of course, Hubby.

It always brightens my day when notes come in the comment section that say things like this… from Marilyn, “You are so amazing and you really bless so many. I enjoy my morning coffee with you, I need a friend and you are always there.”  Oh my…that was a special comment and to be honest, I feel so much the same way when I read the comment section of the blog.  You guys are my friends.

Earlier this year my blog reader and friend Connie came to my house and when she did, she left me a birthday present.  I put it up and vowed I wouldn’t open it until my birthday….and I didn’t.  Last week I did open it…



Fat Quarters!!!!!!!!


I love them.  They are all perfect.  The only with letters are so fun..and of course, polka favorite.

THANKS so much Connie.  They are PERFECT!  I’m going to have to have a little conversation with myself that these are okay to cut though.  Do you ever get fabric that you love and then not cut it??  I don’t want to do that!

Another blog reader sent a package to me…WOW…look at this!This is actually for our grandson Carver.  Oh how cute!!  It’s a cross stitched bib.  I love it.

When the package came to my house I knew Kalissa was working so I sent her a message and told her.  I also sent along a photo.  She replied, “Squeal!!!!!!!  It’s so cute!”  It really is.


I know how long cross stitch takes…a long time!  It was so sweet that did the work of it and sent it on to Carver.

Kathy wrote, “I saw this cute farm cross stitch pattern in a magazine and immediately thought of Carver.  I hope he has many happy meals wearing it!!”

Sitting in my home in NE Iowa living my life and doing what I’m doing, but knowing someone else out there knows of Carver, saw something and thought to make it for him completely touches my heart.

Kathy also sent along a cross stitch kit thinking Kalissa might someday stitch it….Kalissa is my non crafty girl..well I shouldn’t say that, she is an awesome house decorator and is a great scrap booker….things that require patience she isn’t as good at.


I’m guessing Kelli will likely stitch this for Kalissa.  Kelli loves all things like this!  Kalissa totally appreciates the finished products but not the work.

Thanks so much Connie and Kathy…and all of you reading the blog.  Your loyalty and friendship means the world to me.

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9 thoughts on “Stash Report”

  1. I really enjoy your blog read it everyday. Just wanted to say Merry Christmas to you and all your family. Enjoy Carver’s first Christmas

  2. Merry Christmas Jo, i am a rather new reader to your blog and I kind of think a lot of us quilt bloggers seem to be the same – we are at home a lot and kind of solitary people – I know I always consider all my readers to be my friends as I too seem to only have family as friends – just my way.

  3. Merry Christmas Jo, happy belated birthday! I love the bicycle fabric. Enjoy the season celebrations with Carver and your family

  4. Merry Christmas Jo! I always read your blog first thing in the morning sipping a cup of tea. I love hearing about your days with your family and child care kids. Thank you for being so generous with your time for charity quilts. Here’s hoping your 2017 will be one filled with good health, laughter and happy memories.

  5. I have been reading your blog for several years and often share your exploits with my husband. I think the fact that a retired computer programmer from California can relate to the adventures of a woman in Iowa says alot about what connects all of us. We need to remember that. Wishing you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

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