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Just before Christmas I was out and about doing errands.  Of course that meant stops at the thrift stores.

I’m always on the hunt for things for the childcare kids, or fabric, or what not.  My excitement bubble burst as I went to go inside the store and saw and a lady that I recognized from one of the local quilt guilds.  I was sure this would be a day that I wouldn’t be finding fabric…but I was wrong.  I actually found quite a bit.

The “haul” was actually from two thrift stores.


This stack was $6 worth.  It’s all old calicoes.  Our daughter Kayla inherited her Grand Mother In Law’s fabric stash and it’s all similar prints to these.  She’s wanted to make projects for the people in the family but hasn’t had enough fabric.  I’ll be passing these on to her.

These two pieces came from a different thrift store.  They were 25 cents each.  The piece on the left isflannel.  There is just over two yards of it.  I am hoping it might be enough to back a baby charity quilt one day.  The other I will likely put in a box and send onto Doreen the Quilt of Valor lady in my area.


It’s hard to pass up fabric for 25 cents each!!

What I thought would be a bad fabric day turned out to be a good fabric day at the thrift stores.  I know most people wouldn’t be excited about the old calico prints but I was..and Kayla was too when she saw them.  Had Kayla not wanted them I would have cut them up and thrown them in my scrap buckets.  They really add variety to scrappy quilts.

Part of my other errands was to get some quilts ready to be shipped.  We have FOUR that we’ve shipped out this week for upcoming publications.  I just designed another one that Kelli is working on some math for and them hopefully we’ll get that one sewn up.

I’m so glad to have these finished and out of the house.  I couldn’t be happier.

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  1. I love those Calicoes too! My heart did a little flutter when I saw the dark brown one with the coral roses and blue flowers sprigs. I used that in the first quilt I ever made over 35 years ago. I would have snagged that right up!

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