Stash Report

I tell you all the time that I have the best blog readers and I do.  I really do.

I never in a million years every thought I would connect to people in the way I have through the blog.  I never really thought I would have friends in distance places…I am so happy to say that I do.  Here’s some of the things they have sent me….

Stickers for the kiddos from Debbie….


A pillowcase pattern from the master pillow case maker, Connie.


Paper dolls for the childcare kids….These are from Michelle over at Michelle’s Romantic Tangle.


and this box of goodies from Nell in Nebraska.Goodies-4

Polka dot fabric….My very-very favorite fabric.

,,,and there were these….String pieced blocks.


At one point I was going to try to get the Zuckwatte quilts done by Christmas but I don’t think that’s going to happen.  Valentines Day I think might be the date instead….anyway, Nell sent these to me to help me try to get these quilts done quickly.  What a sweetheart!!  I so appreciate her thoughtfulness.

Thanks ladies.  You’re the greatest.

To see what others are adding or (hopefully subtracting from their stash) check out Patchwork Times.


2 thoughts on “Stash Report”

  1. So what colors of string blocks and what size ? I could make a few for your darling child care girls . You know what they say many hands ….. please include your us postal address

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