Stash Report

I didn’t buy any fabric…but I got fabric.  It came via the mail in a box from Pauline in Blaine, MN.

The fabric is awesome and will get used for sure.


It came with a note that said, “Jo, I hope you can use these for backing.  Each is 108″ wide fabric.  It up to you to use this fabric.  You can use it for you quilts or for charity quilts.  I have no preference.”

Well that’s so sweet.  Awesome fabric in awesome colors…and best of all, I won’t have to piece backings!!  That’s the very best part of all.

The fabric on the left is almost a light gray- very versatile.  The one on the left is great for a scrap quilt.  I am putting this in the charity quilt backings pile.  Dare I say that there is only one quilt here for me to do?  I’m okay with that and have faith that more will make their way to me in time.  I do know this though.  I’m taking a break from quilting them until I work on my Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt.  From now until the end of the year, any sewing that I can do to keep me sane is the priority!!

I’m sure you all can relate.

Thanks so much Pauline.  Getting donations from blog readers really keeps me charged up and wanting to work on this project.  I know I’m not doing it alone.  Truly, many hands…and many check books, make this whole project a whole lot easier!!  Thanks everyone!!

2 thoughts on “Stash Report”

  1. Frances Ontiveros

    The blue fabric drew my attention right away. I thought it was a crocheted piece before I read your post. Lovely.

  2. Glad to see you are taking time to work on something for you. In past years I worked on charity quilts and more charity quilts almost to the point of burnout. Then at some point I decided to let others do more as I did less. It also gave me time to do several which had been on my “want to me someday” list. Love the fabrics! Wish you weren’t so far from me or I would pack the vehicle ….tightly and send your hubby a message to reinforce the floors of your sewing room. Maybe someday I can do just that.

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