Stash Report

I am over the half way point on my Pfeffernuse quilt.  I have the hour glass blocks done.  I have the neutral string blocks done and am well on way to having the brown string blocks done.

That has left me looking forward to borders and backings.   I keep very little yardage around here and didn’t think I had anything.  I was right so I went to Whittles Fabrics online to see if there was anything I could find.  I wanted browns….

and I found them.  See?


I’m happy with these.  Ordering fabric online that I can’t see is sometimes a little risky but this came through perfectly.

Here’s my plan…The top one is going to be the border and the binding.  In a quilt like this I like to make the border and binding the same color.  It’s easy and I don’t have to find something else to match.  I thought browns were pretty much all the same but learned my lesson when hunting for fabric…there are red-browns, warm browns, taupe browns.  Me, I wanted warm browns and I think I found it.

The bottom one is going to be my backing.  Happily it’s even backing fabric so I don’t need to seam it together.  I think that piecing backings is one of my least favorite jobs when making a quilt..silly, I know.  It typically only is one seam but it’s my least favorite part.

After the fabrics came I looked at back at the pattern.  UGH.  I forgot that I needed a neutral for an an inner border.  That one, I don’t plan on fretting about too much.  If I don’t have enough yardage here I think I’ll simply make it scrappy too.

I’m happy to know that if I get this top together I keep going full steam ahead.  The border is here..the backing is here and the binding is too.  Maybe there’s hope I can get a quilt finished…but first I have to finish up those charity quilt tops.

Today I’m hooking up with Patchwork Times.

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