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I should have written about my fabric purchases earlier but I didn’t get that far.  I got distracted by all sorts of other things and my fabric has languished on the table.  Remember way back in October when Kelli and I spoke at the NE Iowa Quilt Guild Quilt Show?  Well that’s the day I purchased this fabric.  I’m certainly overdue to write about it.

I have a rule in my house.  Anything that needs to be written about on the blog stays on my dining room table until I blog about it.  This fabric has been there awhile….I need to clean off the table but can’t until I write about it so…here goes.

I did tell you about part of what I bought.  That was the cute-cute sock monkey baby quilt that I put together and gave my new childcare baby.  If you missed that read about it here.

The other things I got from a vendor from a shop that closed in Wisconsin.  I hadn’t heard of her shop before….want to know what enticed me into her booth?  If you said her scrap bucket, you’d be right!!  She had a big bowl filled with scraps.  Any scrap in the bowl was five cents each!  WOW.  Five cents each!!  If you know me at all, you know that had me digging in the scraps.  I ended up with this pile…31 pieces.  They are all sizes.  A couple are fat quarters and one was almost a 1/2 yard.  All this was $1.55.


The lady vending said that she had a quilt shop for many years and had accumulate all sorts of scraps.  She was happy to get rid of them.  As we were talking I told her I was a blogger and that we had a quilt book.  She asked about a business card.  I didn’t have one in my purse but did have one with our quilts so I went to get one.  I ended up bringing her a copy of our book to look at telling her I’d come back and get it at the end of the day.
Our day went on.  We did our shows and we packed up.  As I was getting ready to leave I remembered the book and went back to get it.  We talked a bit and then I saw that she had refilled her scrap bowl.  Well…(you know me)…I started digging again.  I came up with this pile then.  There are 15 pieces this time…so 75 cents bought this!stash-3

When I was doing that Kelli was finalizing a few things.  When I caught up to her she asked what took so long.  I told her I raided the scrap bowl again.  She laughed and said, “I should have known”.

So that’s how I ended up with more fabric.
….and how I ended up with this awesome wooden bowl?  A thrift store find the same day.


I think my fabric are going to hang out here until I get a chance to cut them all up and put them in my scrap users system.


In my defense, who can resist fabric at five cents each?  Could you resist 5 cent each pieces of scraps?  Am I the only crazy one?

To see what other are doing with their fabric, check out Patchwork Times.

10 thoughts on “Stash Report”

  1. What amazing pieces of fabric for 5c each! Unbelievable. I love the green and white striped piece – that’s exactly the sort of fabric I choose for bindings. I think stripes, spots or tiny checks make the best bindings.

  2. I think you used a lot of restraint, because I would have asked how much more do you have with you? (If Dave wasn’t along! HA!) Fun purchase!!

  3. I would have been right next to you picking
    fabric for the both of us, I love this kind of fabric shopping it’s like a treasure hunt.

  4. You DO find the best deals! Who could resist five cents a piece scraps? I would have been digging in that bucket right along side you! And that wooden bowl is gorgeous…I can just see a nice Fall arrangement in it as a table center piece.

  5. Lucky you!!!!! I am happy as a clam when I find a scrap bundle for a dollar or two. I never get the deals that you get here in PA. =)

  6. Jo, would you mind sharing the link to your “scrap user’s system?” I’m laid up with a pulled muscle/pinched nerve, so now would be a good time for me to do some sorting of all those garbage bags of scraps. (BTW, I LOVE that bowl!)

  7. Oh my gosh! I would totally be digging with you in that scrap bowl! 5 cents a piece WOW! I would’ve ended up buying everything they had probably LOL! You definitely are not crazy, lucky, but not crazy! By the way I just want to say I absolutely love reading your blog. Every time I get an email notification I wonder what is she up to next!

  8. I am not going to lie, I would have asked if she had a total price for ALL of the scraps she had with her. :) I bought grab bags this weekend for $10 each. . . LOVE the fabric in them!

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