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When I was at a recent doctor visit I got to stop at my favorite thrift store.  It was a wonderful day.  I found lots of goodies.

It started out in the fabric section.  THERE WAS LOTS!!  I had a big pile of it.  It’s hard to say no.  It’s 50 cents a piece unless marker individually.  Only two of the pieces I found were marked individually.  I’ll show you my fabric pile coming up.

I rounded the corner to see a gal filling the yarn area.  There was so much yarn she couldn’t fit it in the usual place and had to put a box near it.  I know nothing about yarn except that our daughter Kayla loves it.  She does a lot of charity knitting and is always on the look out for quality cheap yarn.  I sent her a could photos and tried to luck.  Hmmm.  I wish I knew more about yarn.  It’s only 50 cents a skein at the thrift store and some of it looked good to me.


There was lots of this….


…and this.  Hmm.  Do I buy it??


Finally Kayla called me.  She was driving.  I tried to explain the yarn to her spelling the brand names and telling her the little information I had about it.  She said, get it…so I loaded up.   I ended up spending $72.  That’s a LOT-LOT-Lot for the thrift store.  Besides yarn and fabric I got two pyrex bowl for Kayla’s collection.  I got some games and lots of Halloween/Fall things for the childcare kids…a really good deal all it all.

I stopped at the Goodwill too.  Look what I found…Hmmm…  $50.  It is old.  There were no shelves in it.  The doors needed some type of stopper for them.  With all the people doing the “farmhouse” style decorating this could easily sell for more…

Well maybe one of the kids wanted it….  I snapped a picture and sent it to them.  No reply.  Hmmm…what the heck.  I’ll buy it.  I was fairly confident that I could drag it home, put it on a for sale board and sell it for $125 as is.  I bought it.


As I was driving home I got a call from Kalissa…”Mom, where are you?”
“Why?”, I said.
“I think I want that cupboard”, she said.
“Good thing I bought it then”, I said.

So now I have the cupboard in my garage.  Kalissa is chomping at the bit wanting it fixed and in her house.

As for my fabric…this is what I found.  It’s a strange assortment with little rhyme or reason to it.  Most of the pieces are 1/2 to one yard cuts…the two that were $1 are 3 1/2 yard cuts.  Two are Halloween prints.  I wasn’t going to get them but then I saw that Bonnie Hunter was making string pumpkin blocks which I am betting means she’s making a Halloween quilt.  Those pieces I bought will likely be a backing for that quilt once it’s published…and once I make it.


Here’s a little John Deere fabric.Depot-6

I stacked the fabric together so I could carry it upstairs…that’s a heck of a haul.


Oh, I found this too.  I’ll find a spot of it in the quilting room.

..and Kayla’s yarn…it added up to this!

Yep.  I’d say it was a good day thrift shopping!!

To see if others added to or used their fabrics, check out Patchwork Times.


11 thoughts on “Stash Report”

  1. Betty (from Canada)

    Not everything has to be knit out of $20 per all yarn. Kids don’t care what the cost of the yarn their toque/mittens etc. are made of as long as they are warm.Also if a mitten or toque is lost it is not a big deal.

  2. Betty is right.

    My mom uses every scrap of yarn even little ones. She uses those to make scrappy little bears to send to Romania with someone who visits there. Once she even took all her scraps and made a vest. It looked great. Now yarn is given like zucchini. It just appears in bags on her doorstep in her senior apartment. They know she uses it. The hobby keeps her fingers busy and productive.

  3. What a great day at the Thrift Shop. You certainly got your money’s worth. I’ve never seen that JD fabric before with the flowers. That was really a great buy because JD fabric is expensive, even at JoAnn fabrics! Have a peaceful Sabbath! Blessings, Gretchen

  4. Woohoo you made some really great buys and the yarn was a bargain! I cant wait to see what happens with the cupboard and Kalissa creative idea. I must admit the John Deere fabric is pretty darn cute. I have seen those pumpkins also and I think you were smart to grab the Halloween fabrics.

  5. That cabinet is a great find. I have an antique handmade one almost identical to it. It has two wooden shelves in the top. You can add shelves and use a magnetic latch to help keep the doors closed. Have fun fixing it up!

  6. Your thrift stores have really great buys. No so here in the Phoenix, AZ area where they are building big box Goodwill stores like crazy and charging 3.99 to 5.99 for one t-shirt.
    Great haul, Jo!

  7. Wow! You made a huge haul! I love that yarn, will have to check out that Patons Shetland Tweed! And the cupboard! I would take it too. The sign is my favorite quilt pattern and doing something similar right now. Lucky day!

  8. You have such good luck at garage sales and Thrift stores. I went to stop at the Depot in Decorah after the quilt show on Saturday, but it was closed. Had a great time at the quilt show though. It was great to see you and Kelli, and the quilts were excellent. After buying your book, I did some shopping with the quilt vendors. One of the best things about the Northeast Iowa Quilt Guild show – they had a large selection of pie at $2 per slice. Yum!

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