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Last week I showed off my Winston Ways quilt and told you I had to stop find some border fabric.  I looked high and low and couldn’t find any….that means I had to order some.

It came already.  Here’s what I got.


Originally I thought the blue would be the border…the blue/black would be the backing and the blue cowboy fabric would be the backing for a boy baby quilt that I just started on.  I’m starting to rethink that though.  I kind of like what I thought of for the backing…the blue/black to be the border.

What do you think?  Which way would you go with the borders?

This one is the one I originally thought I would use.


This is the one I bought for backing but am now thinking I like better as the border.


This one is one that I had.

I always get myself in these pickles.  Making decisions is something that I struggle with especially in cases when there really isn’t a right or wrong decision.

Happily I can leave this sitting out on the quilting frame a bit.  The machine I piece on is looks towards the quilting machine.  When I look up, I’ll see it.  One of them is bound to pop and yell “pick me-pick me”, right?  Which would you pick?

38 thoughts on “Stash Report”

  1. I prefer the second one – the fabric you bought for the backing but now prefer as the border fabric. It just looks “right” beside the finished quilt top.

  2. Really like the blue and black for the border. I think it picks up on all the different shades of blue in your quilt.

  3. The blue / black is my favorite for the border and I cant wait to see what you decide and show us the finished quilt. You are really getting your Bonnie Hunter UFO done.

  4. I agree with all the others that have posted. The second one makes the blues and blacks pop, and gives it a rich looking color. The third one looks great, too.
    Hope your toe is feeling better!

  5. I am glad I don’t have to “chose” but know you will find the fabric that is meant to be.

    What I am wondering is what is the name of that quilt on the wall in the back of the photos with the nine patches set among flying geese??? Caught my eye as I will soon have many 9 patch to set from a swap. Thanks

  6. Me too! I’m picking the second one, the black inner border picks up the black in that outer border fabric. Really Nice!!

  7. The blue black seems to go better with more of the blues in the quilt. I like that one the best, but either would be fine.

  8. I seem to struggle making my own choices for my own quilts but strangely I certainly have no problems in speaking up for others on their quilts! I too think the blue black fabric for your borders sets you quilt top off so nicely!!

  9. My thought is it depends the blue/black really looks nice with the bit of quilt we see with it so I’d be inclined to say that one but if the last fabric isn’t big enough to back the quilt
    My vote would be to use
    # 1 for anything else
    # 2 for the back
    # 3 for the border

    Everyone has an opinion you get to be the one to have the say

  10. I think option two or three work better. The lighter blue ‘reads’ as a solid which does not fit in (at least in my mind) with the busy patterns in the main quilt.

    I am always amazed at how much you accomplish.

  11. I don’t have a strong feel for one over another. I do recall my dad telling us to do exactly as you’re planning when we weren’t sure we liked something or couldn’t choose. The casual glance for comparison over time does seem to help us hone in on which is “right” for us. Either way, you’ll wind up with a beautiful quilt.

  12. I like the one you chose originally for the backing…the quilt is busy enough as it it and this fabric will allow those fabrics to stand out…I always think of “framing” a quilt with the border as you would add a mat to set off the picture…You don’t want the border to be the focal point.

  13. I prefer the second one – the fabric you bought for the backing but now prefer as the border fabric. It just looks “right” beside the finished quilt top.

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