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Hubby is busy with harvest so getting the mail has become my task.  Our mailbox is right out in front of the house so it’s not far and gives me practice walking.  By the end of the day my foot is tired though….so I want to make only one trip.  That almost wasn’t possible.  There were THREE boxes in the mailbox!  I managed to make it even with my poor foot.

I had a box with these goodies from Ellie L.  She had been to an estate sale and the lady had fabric.  Ellie said she doesn’t do quilts with this style of fabric but thought of me and bought it.  How sweet!!  I love it all.  There is a lot of the dog fabric so I’m thinking I might end up backing a baby quilt with it.  It’s kind of funky and kids would love it.


There was fireman and farm fabric..oh, I loved it all.

There was also a cute panel of community helpers.  Aw…cute.  With our grandson Carver, Mom is a nurse and first responder in our area…Dad is a volunteer fireman and first responder.  He might need a quilt with this!!

There was a box from Martha too.

That had little note pads for the kids which they love and fabric and a donation for charity quilting….WOW!


I am in love with the fabric.  Neutrals are my favorite fabric of all time.  These are all creamy…YUM.  I’ve been going through LOTS of neutral fabric lately so these were perfect.

In the mail between all the boxes was a note…It’s from my niece Jody.  We both have had health issues over the last year.  We message each other often.  The other night I was frustrated and she was there for me.  I felt bad after I got done talking to her.  Who am I to talk and complain about my situation to her.  She’s in the midst of chemo.

Now a few days later comes a sweet card.  She is so thoughtful…I am so blessed to have her helping me through it all.


Thanks everyone for thinking of me…

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5 thoughts on “Stash Report”

  1. I just love reading about your “stash reports” and that mailbox of yours! gosh you get some great boxes in the mail. I’m glad your foot is starting to be on the mend and you can walk to the box and get around easier now, praying it continues. As I have told you before my mom lives in Osage and they are starting there harvest of soy beans and some corn if only the rain would let up. Really enjoy reading your posts, keep them coming.

  2. I’m your mystery box mailer from St. Paul. I read your blog faithfully and love that you do both daycare and charity quilts. It takes a special person to do both. I love that you can use scraps…I just don’t have the patience. I’ll send faithfully anything I see that may help. I also can help with binding if you get behind. Love that part of making a quilt and I have a big enough stash that I’ll gave enough fabric to create the binding. Enjoy your blog…hope your foot gets better fast!

  3. Love reading your blog, Jo….your quilts are so inspiring, and I honestly do not see how you get so much done!!
    Love seeing all that happy mail you receive!
    Also love hearing about your family…and wish I could go to some of the antique stores and auctions with you…..but….I am all the way over here in Virginia, so it just isn’t possible…….I will just have to keep tagging along through your blog!!
    Thanks for sharing!!

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