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It’s a thrifty find stash report today!  That’s my favorite kind!!

I got a message on Facebook that one of the thrift stores I shop at was moving.  At first I was a little sad but then I found out that they were moving to a bigger and better building that the owner was buying.  PERFECT!  I like bigger…and I like better.  I’ve talked to her and have known that space has been an issue for her.  Hopefully this store will have LOTS of space.

Because they are moving everything there is half price…you know I’d have to squeeze in a trip somehow.

I’ve gotten fabric and crafty things at this thrift store before so I’m always on the look out….so did I find anything??  YES!  They’re a little bit on the quirky side but I know they will find a place into a quilt…someday.


The bucket of scraps…mostly 1/8 yard or so cuts was marked $1.50.  I can see a couple in there that I won’t use.

The Easter fabric I debated about.  It was marked $3.  There are 4 yards there.  I finally decided that it’s colorful and I think would be okay to use on a charity baby quilt as a backing…right?

The white London fabric was $1.25.  There is a 1 1/2 yards of that.  It’s 60″ wide.  I grabbed that too.  It’s quirky but fun.  I’ll always remember where I bought it.  It too could make the back of a baby quilt.  It’s big enough.  I’m guessing it might get chopped up and distributed out into many quilts…we’ll see.

So my fabric total was $5.75…but remember, everything was half price….  So I got out of the store with a purchase price of $2.88….it’s going to be fun to find places to use it all.  Sometimes having that challenge is part of the fun.

So chime in with your opinion…is it okay to use the cute little Easter fabric on the back of a charity baby quilt?  I debated on it..answers either way won’t offend me in the least.  I’m curious to see what you all think.

To see what others are doing with their fabric check out Patchwork Times.

21 thoughts on “Stash Report”

  1. I am continually amazed by the extremely low prices your Thrift stores charge for fabric – even before the 50% sale price knockdown! If you bought that London fabric new in the UK you would probably be talking £12/13 a metre ( a metre =39″)! Mor probably because of th extra width – SO useful for backings. Not sure how many dollars £12/13 equates to – I’ll look it up in a moment. Anyway, the Easter fabric looks great and I would most definitely use in as backing in baby quilts, and in the tops too. After all, birds hatch out of eggs at all times of the Spring, not just from Maunday Thursday to Easter Sunday. Have fun using your remarkable bargains.

  2. Shoot, that Easter fabric would make wonderful backing. Thrift stores that I went to in New Mexico and Utah had fabric but not finding it here in Texas. Maybe I am looking in the wrong place, lol. Hope the rain goes away for the Iowa people. It has hurt cotton farmer’s in my area.

  3. Easter bunnies and baskets are more secular than religious, and a bit more spring than resurrection, I wouldn’t give it to a Jewish charity, but it would make a really cute baby quilt back. Of course, you have Carver now. Doesn’t he need an Easter quilt? Doesn’t his cousin/sibling? You have five kids, Jo. Think of all the baby quilts! (No pressure, kids!)

  4. I’d use the Easter fabric for anything/anyone young. But I’d hate to see that other piece cut apart. It’s so British, at least fussy-cut:)

  5. I think the bunnies and chicks would be cute on the back of a baby quilt! I’m sure someone will be delighted to receive it. The London fabric is just plain cute, too! Use it and have fun with it.

  6. I love them both, you could use both as backs. It would be kind of fun to cut the London fabric up and see little bits of London here and there on a scrap quilt.

  7. The London fabric is fabulous!! Keep whole or fussy cut…

    The Easter fabric is cute. Should work for baby or kiddo just fine.

  8. Bunnies and eggs are about fertility and Springtime.Great for a baby quilt. The London fabric reminds me of the quilt I made for my husband, a real Anglophile. It has every different kind of British thing you could think of, and I spent WAY more than $1.50 a yard.

  9. yep, absolutely. I also use ‘christmas’ fabric that is stuff like holly leaves, that’s just nature, not religion…… just like yours is more about spring than easter. I get easter stuff on sale every year and call it baby fabric – ducks, bunnies…… good score !

  10. Sure you can use it. If you want, you can try to fussy cut the rabbits to use! I agree with Kate-some of my favorite green fabric is considered Christmas fabric. The only thing Christmas about it is that it’s green! Put it to good use!

  11. We love to shop at thrift stores…and I think the ones that aren’t considered “chain” stores have the best prices…I have had good luck finding Yards and yard of fabric…I usually won’t buy it unless i think I can use it for something ie tote bags, quilts, purses etc…and
    sometimes its hard to tell what the fabric content is (hence the tote bags, in case they fall apart after washing!) …love the Bunny fabric…you could always use it to line Easter baskets for your child care kids and grandkids…

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