Stash Report

A box arrived.  I didn’t even know it until Hubby came home and found it in the garage.  Usually Ruby barks when the UPS man comes but our regular UPS man has been on vacation.  This one must be sneakier.

Anyway…see my goodies from Donna in Indiana.


There are some big pieces in the pile in the back that I am hoping to use as baby quilt backings.  A blog reader, Marion, has sent me lots of baby quilt tops and these will be perfect.  I just need to find a top and backing that look good together.

There is a big bag of scraps that came at the perfect time.  At nap time I’ve been trimming up the scrap bags of fabric that I got last week a the garage sale.  I still have a few more pieces to trim so I’ll simply add these to the bucket and take care of them right away.

Do you want to know my favorite thing in the bunch….these.I know two of these were patterns that I used to sew doll clothes for our daughter Kayla when she was a kid. One year for Christmas we were broke.  I went to the thrift store and bought a bag stuffed with clothes.  I took them apart and sewed doll clothes for Kayla.  We got a really big box that you might buy donuts in (the kind you can see through the top of) and I carefully put all the clothes in there on display. Then I wrapped it.  She loved the present.  I likely made 15 outfits.  She was so happy.  She played with the clothes more than any other present we ever got her.  I loved that even though we didn’t have much money she still had a good Christmas.


The patterns sure brought back some good memories.

Thanks so much for all the goodies Donna.  I can’t wait to pair some of your great fabrics with baby quilt tops….I’m due for a big dose of time at the quilting frame.

3 thoughts on “Stash Report”

  1. What a treasure of goodies from Donna. Love those patterns and I recall having the same ones and making doll clothes for our daughter. I wonder if there are moms who do the same thing today? Great box.

  2. Getting a box full of doll clothes for Christmas would have been my dream gift when I was a kid. I never felt like I had enough clothes for my dolls as my mom didn’t really sew much.

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