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It’s fall garage sale season and Kalissa is all about garage sales….ALL ABOUT GARAGE SALES.  I think with the new baby on the way, she wants to get clothes and other needed items bought cheaply.

Well over the weekend Cresco, Iowa had their fall all city garage sales.  There was one garage sale that we typically go to.  There is always furniture and we always end up buying something.  Well they had put an add on the local Facebook For Sale group and there was a trunk that Kalissa wanted and had the lady reserve.  Thursday she asked me if I wanted to ride along and get groceries too.  The sale closed at 5pm and we couldn’t get there by then but the lady was gracious and offered to stay open late for us.

Well at nap time on Thursday I took a few minutes to look at Facebook.  In my feed was this garage sale….FABRIC!!!  The add said fabric, books, partially finished projects, and completed projects.

These are all pictures of the sale…


Can you believe only $30 all that thread???


I could tell I wanted to go…if nothing else out of curiosity.


This picture really had me wanting to go.  Look at the bag to the left.  If you did the Civil War sampler, you know that it is the pack.  I have one started.  I know you’re thinking if you have one started, why would you want another.  Well I hate sewing sampler quilts.  I hate going through all the work to make one block.  Well I have Kelli’s, I have mine and if I had this one, I’d make all of them at once.  It was said that there is lots of extra fabric and I was thinking between the kits I could make a fourth.  That means I could mass sew and have two quilts to give away.  I enlarged the picture and saw she only wanted $50 for the kit.  WOW…a quilt tops worth of fabric for $50…DEAL!!


…and look…finished quilts too.


Yep.  I wanted to go to the garage sale.

So now I needed to message Kalissa and asked if she minded if we stopped.  She didn’t!!

The sale started a 5pm.  The lady said that people were lined up at 4:40pm waiting to get in.  We didn’t get there until 5:45pm.  There wasn’t a lot left….not much at all really.  I did manage to spend $38 and came home with two bags full.


One bag was full of scrap bags.  You know me, I couldn’t live without them!!  I took all she had.  I have downstairs and will cut them up during nap times and sort them into my scrap users system.


I also got these three bags of goodies…$10, $10 and $8.  I loved the fabric colors…All are partially sewn.


This was a $10 bag.  It’s all 5″ blocks.  There are sewn in strips.  It was a good buy.  There’s plenty to make two baby quilts.  Wouldn’t they be fun with minkie backing?  Simple but the bright colors sure make them fun.


Next up was this bag.  I asked the lady what it was and she said it was an Atkinson Designs pattern but she couldn’t remember the name.  There are 30 blocks like this.  If nothing else I’ll simply sew them into a 5 x 6 setting and use it as a wedding quilt.


She said that this pack was part of the pattern too but these made an alternate quilt she thought.  I’m not sure what to do with these yet but I might find some time and play with them or one of you might know what pattern it is and I can complete the project as it was meant to be…


Does anyone know???

It was a fun outing….I got some great deals.

I debated for a LONG time on buying some of the completed quilts.  There were lap sized quilts and the price was $30.  I debated back and forth thinking I could give them as presents…but then I decided no.  When people get a quilt from me, they expect that I made it.  Giving a quilt that I didn’t make almost seemed like a cheat….Hmm…I don’t know!?  It also seamed like a crime leaving them there.  Then I thought about buying them and donating them to charity….As cheap as they were I didn’t know, and for that matter still don’t.  I still wonder if I should contact her and see if she has any left and buy them up for charity.  Oh what’s a girl to do?

After I got home I got to thinking that some charity quilts I have $30 into by the time I provide the backing, batting and thread.  I really should have bought them!!  Maybe I should contact her.

Anyway…there is my LONG post on my latest stash report.

Do any of you know what the Atkinson Design pattern might be and what would you do about those $30 quilts.  That butterfly one was SO cute.  Most hadn’t been washed and were shop samples.

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11 thoughts on “Stash Report”

  1. You might want to contact her and ask if she would like to donate as a charity quilt and gib her some ideas how to do that.

  2. $30 is cheap for a charity quilt. I’d buy them and donate them. I don’t know the pattern for the Atkinson project, but they look like they’d be easy to sew together and use for the back of a quilt if not the front. Blessings, Gretchen

  3. Wow!! you hit the jackpot with all those bags of treasures. What a fun stop and I will get out my Atkinson patterns and see if I can come up with the name. I have made many of there patterns over the years. How did Kalissa do with the trunk and baby items?

  4. you did good to get what you got – with all those photos of what was available on facebook I bet she had people buying stuff before the sail started.

  5. I would have purchased the quilts. Wish we lived in an area where there were great sales like you have. There are very few yard sales that have anything I want so I have pretty much stopped going.

    With the Atkinson pattern perhaps you could go to their website and look at their patterns….you might be able to figure it out that way.

  6. The Atkinson pattern is in a book called Happy Hour. I believe the quilt is called Between Friends. I have made it several times, the blocks are alternated with the small strip going vertical, then horizontal. A fun pattern!

  7. I found a picture of the Between Friends quilt that I emailed to you. Have fun playing with those blocks and other great finds.

  8. Oh–the thread—Gosh I wish I was at that sale—it looks like the expensive embroidery thread I use.. We just don’t have sales like that around me with lots of fabric etc…….Terry is a wonderful person….she would help you as to what pattern it is if you wrote her…

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