Stash Report

I am way behind on getting my thank yous out.  I’ve gotten many fun things in the mail over the last few weeks and I’ve had to set most things aside as I’ve scrambled about around here getting ready for surgery.

I decided that I would save all the mail to tackle once my foot was up.

This box was so fun.  There are so many great fabrics.  I haven’t designed anything for awhile but this box had me thinking I wanted to do just that.  The fabrics are mostly deep and rich in wonderful jewel tones.

I finished up my Bricks and Stepping Stones quilt and these fabrics also had me thinking that I’d love to make another of them using these fabrics.

So many of the fabrics are larger or unusual prints.  It would be so easy to just grab them all and start cutting.  Together the prints look great and could easily be what was needed for a quilt…perfectly scrappy.  I’m doing all I can to resist the temptation.  Thankfully my foot is still in recovery mode so that’s helping me resist.

This box was sent to me by Pauline and I couldn’t be happier with the surprise.

I always smile at the cute little notes that are included in the packages.  Pauline writes that the fat quarters that were included in the package were “first generation” fat quarters.  She had bought them and was no longer in love with them.

People always seem so remorseful when they write that they no longer love the fabric anymore.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with that.  Don’t we all change our minds?  None of us seep them same clothing even though it isn’t worn out.  Few of us are making macrame’ hanging flower pot holders from the 70’s.  Fashions change and our fabric tastes change too.

I’ve also learned that whenever I get my space clean and organized…when I surround myself with fabrics and things I truly love, I’m happier and more productive.  Stopping to take time to clean out and clean up is SO important to creativity.

Thanks so much Pauline for sharing with me.  Happily something you no longer loved was PERFECT for me!!

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