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There is something bad about sitting around with your foot up..especially when you have a laptop.  There are all sorts of temptations just a finger tip away….or at least for me.

I’ve been working on so many of my UFO projects.  They are getting closer and closer to completion…yes I have lots to do yet but I am getting closer…Close enough that I am starting to think of backing fabrics.  Well what’s a girl to do with free time and a notion in her head that I need quilt backs.  Me, I head over to Whittles Fabrics. They have so many fabrics that are only $5 a yard which is perfect for backings.


The big pieces in the back are backings.

The bottom one is for Cheddar Bow Ties.
The dark piece for Wonky Wishes.  I had already bought a backing for it but then it got using in another project.
The yellow in the center is for Winston Ways.
The red is for Talkin’ Turkey.

I am really excited about them all.

There are other fabrics there too…The pink is tosimply add to my stash.  I have trouble finding pinks.  I couldn’t let these get passed on by.

The other fabrics are all test pieces.  I’ve not been happy with the fabrics I’ve picked up to make the sashing for Star Struck.  I’m hoping these teamed with something I’ve already bought might do the job.    I haven’t tested them out yet…Soon I hope..soon.

So often I have so many projects going on.  It seams that they are all on the radar even if it’s just to get backing.  Some people don’t like having lots of projects going on at once…me, I love it.  I really love it.  It lets me ruminate on a decision.  It lets me do whatever fits into my schedule.  I can trim something during nap time.  I can have a project for the car.  I can have a couch project.  I can have a project for whatever I need.

Of course there’s a hard part to it….I seem to not finish projects often.  I’ll take that though.  I’m okay with slowing down individual projects vs having something to do all the time.  I LOVE having lots of projects going on.

To see how others are managing their fabrics, check out Patchwork Times.

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  1. thanks for mentioning a shop with sales – always looking for backings. I can’t work on just one thing at a time but always 3 or 4 at the same time and sometimes up to 7 – they get done – eventually!

  2. I don’t know how you manage with a lot of projects going at one time. For me if I have more than two or three, I don’t seem to get anything accomplished. I cut out three charity quilts a month ago and got one done and off to quilter. The other two are staring me in the face to work on plus a Quilt as a Christmas gift. The more I have to do, the less I get done. My former boss had a signin his office “a neat desk is deign of a sick mind” and I guess I fall into at category with my quilts.
    Love your blog, pictures and quilts.

  3. Jo – I know I am helping a problem you don’t really want to continue, but… when looking at another blog the quilter mentioned that she likes to use as a place to buy fabrics. They don’t have a TON of material, but what they do have is really good (and inexpensive). Their 108″ backs are $8.99/yard. most of the rest of their fabrics are $4.99/yard. They are fast too, and they cram a BUNCH of material in a flat rate box. They also have flat fold bundles that are really a good buy. Well anyway, enjoy your weekend! Kara

  4. My two cents worth….I refuse to purchase any fabrics that is from Marshall Dry Goods….it is full of sizing/start and is horrbly stiff and scratchy. Once it is washed it isn’t even good for rags. USe it at your own risk. It is a prime example of….you get what you pay for.

  5. I have several projects going for the same reasons you have. It seems every situation calls for a different set of time and abilities, and I like to have all my bases covered. great fabrics.

  6. Also of the multiple projects at the same time mindset, BUT I am getting better about working on what I have started in an attempt to whittle down the UFO pile. SO, I am going downstairs right now to finish the quilting on a t-shirt quilt for a teacher here in town. Binding already picked. . .the end is in sight!

  7. I like having several projects happing at one time too. There is always something to work on that way. Finishes might not happen as quickly, but they are steady!

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