Stash Report

Goodies in the mail again.

No matter how many times it happens, it’s always fun.  Speaking of fun check out this box.


I looked and looked for a note in the box but didn’t see one.  I’m guessing the note on the front of the package, “Enjoy creating, blog follower” was the note.  So cute.  It really brought a smile to my face.

Check out the contents of the box…Goodies Galore!Most are all fun novelty prints.  So cute and many very boyish.  This was a fun session of fabric petting.


Kelli was here when it came.  Both of us marvel at novelty prints.  Typically in a fabric shop we’re busy looking at the Civil War prints or nowdays, it’s me combing the store for white based printed fabrics that “read” neutral.

These were such fun prints.  I still think a novelty print quilt is in my future.  Right now it’s a ways off in the future.

I’m guessing about the time Leo (if Kalissa truly ends up naming the baby that) needs a big boy quilt for a big boy bed, I’ll be making one then.  You can bet that a snippet of a few these fabrics will be in it!

Thanks so much for thinking of me…You know I love scraps.

2 thoughts on “Stash Report”

  1. It seems like the only time I have those types of prints is for a specific project(s). I while back I did some Ronald McDonald quilts using “Super Hero” panels. Thankfully the panels had enough variety included that additional fabric was brights/neons and not children specific. My stash expanded with those brights but all the kid-themed fabrics went out the door.

  2. Did you figure out who it is?

    It’s Jessica at JMV Quilts. She’s moving right now and it looks like you got the benefit of her packing up her studio! She’s a great lady and a Bonnie fanatic!

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