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I was thrifting again….

I love my thrift stores…really love them.  I had the best day.  I found some wonderful toys for my kiddos…and I found fabric too.


All of the greens and flannels were in a bag that said $1.50.  All of the other fabrics were 50 cents per piece.  It doesn’t matter if there are 5 yards in the piece or a half yard.  Either way, it’s a deal!!  My total bill was $13.

I grabbed the bottom neutral piece just to see how much of it there was….It’s in two different pieces but there are six yards there.  SCORE!!  That will be very handy.

My favorite piece is the yellow polka dot on the top of the stack.  Polka dots always make me smile.

The flannels aren’t even going to make it into my sewing room.  I’m popping them into a box I keep for fabrics to donate to Binky Patrol or some other worthy organization.

I get questions all the time from readers asking about thrifted fabric.  How do I know if it’s quality fabric is one that often gets asked.  I read the labels and I take a feel test.  If it feels like a piece of fabric I’d want in my quilt I use it.

Another question I get is “what if the fabric is laundered?”   I know lots of people do wash their fabric before using it.  I don’t launder my fabric before using it…so do I mix them?  I do.  I doesn’t bother me a bit…I’m really easy going though….I know other people wouldn’t dream of it.  I haven’t had any problem with it.

So that’s the latest on my thrifting… (Note:  Although I thrifted all the time as a teenager, I would have died of embarrassment if it would have been talked about it public….now I say things are thrifted all the time now.  I sure am glad I got over that!?)

To see what others have been doing with their fabric inventory check out Patchwork Times.

3 thoughts on “Stash Report”

  1. I thrift all the time. I bought shirts and also fabric. I acquired my Mother’s stash last year when she passed away. Some of her fabric was washed and some not. . I figure it is all going to be washed at some point and not all of it fades or shrinks the same anyway. I have allergies and so do my kids and grandkids so it doesn’t leave my house until it is washed. Have fun with your purchases.

  2. I really need your help with this subject Jo! I’ve bought and have been given fabrics from Estate Sales, Yard Sales, you name it. My problem is the smells that come with the fabrics. To me they smell of Moth Balls or just the “old person” smells. I don’t care for the smells at all. I have washed in Vinegar, laundry soap, Ammonia, even soaked in such combination over several days time and then hung outside on the lines for days on end and yet the smells are still there! Any and all ideas would be appreciated. PLEASE HELP!

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