Stash Report`

On a trip to Hobby Lobby I ended up coming home with this….

The whole trip started out quite innocently.  I was only intending on getting the gray.  Kelli and I made a quilt that was accepted for a magazine.  We were sewing along and realized we didn’t have enough binding fabric that matched the border.  UGH.  Now what?  Find the matching fabric right?!!?

It’s not always that easy.  We aren’t very good at being completely brand loyal.  We use Bella Solids from Moda…Kona Cottons….JoAnn’s…so which was it and can we find it?  We’ve been looking for awhile.  It’s hard as ordering from a fabric swatch on a computer is virtually impossible.  We did have a Bella Solid card and could see it wasn’t a Moda fabric.

Turns out…Kona was the winner.

I ended up picking up some kid fabric.  I think this year for Christmas I’ll make the childcare kiddos pillow cases…princesses for the girls and dinosaurs for the boy.  The fire truck/ambulance/police car…maybe something for Kalissa’s baby…I’m not sure yet.  I just loved it and know finding fabric with that isn’t always the easiest.  It will find a home someday.

I also found this…I have baby quilt intentions for the fabric.  I thought to cut the animals out and sew some solid fabrics around them.  Then I noticed that the images are cut off on one side.  Then the lady cut the fabric so short.  I was frustrated.


I ended up having her cut another panel.

Then I got home and realized that there are actually two sets of letters on each “panel”….one on one side of the fold and one on the other.


I’ll have to play and fudge seam allowances but I think I can do it….I have no idea who the quilt will be for.

There are lots more babies that will coming into my life over then next few years.  This way I’ll be ready should the mood to sew a baby quilt strike.

I’m really happy with my finds….I’m happy I have an idea on what to give the child care kids for Christmas too.

To see what others are doing with their fabric inventories check out Patchwork Times.

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    1. That is so funny that you added that link. Long ago I made two of those quilts as baby presents!! Thanks for the reminder.

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