Stash Report

The child care kids looked out the door last week and saw a package sitting on my front porch.  They started screaming- “Jo, look.  Look Jo!”

Well I went out and retrieved the package.  Immediately they wanted to open it.  Typically packages around here are quilt tops, fabric or something for the kiddos.  You can bet they were hoping for something for them but nope…something for me.  FABRIC!

First off, I read the card.  Isn’t it so sweet?  The card has real hand pressed flowers.  I love it….so special.


Next came the goodies….

Lots and lots of them.

Typically when fabric comes in I sort by color as that’s how I store fabric.  This bunch had me confused.  They are mostly multicolored prints.  I love them but I wasn’t quite sure just how to sort….I ended up with solids, Christmas, browns, blues, neutrals and a few misc piles that I won’t sort until it gets upstairs.


What a fun box!!  I don’t buy a lot of multicolored prints so it was especially fun to see them and pet them (of course).

These two prints were the favorite of the kids’.  They loved looking at the fabric and finding all the animals.  The one with the zebra was especially entertaining because they had to turn and twist the fabric to find all the animals.


These two are going in the novelty print box.  I still hope to make something with novelty prints one day….

Cheryl says that she’s sorting and clearing out of her sewing room.  Isn’t that such a task?  Kelli has been working on hers.  Thankfully mine is all under control….at least for now!

I think sorting out and cleaning is something quilters need to do every now and again.  I know for me if I have machine quilting scraps that don’t get put away or projects that I don’t finish cleaning up make me feel guilty when I do sit down and sew.  If I take the time to clean things out and get the room back to where I need it, I feel so much better.

I love my sewing room now….I can walk in and find most anything.  That’s a wonderful feeling!

I’m off to finish sorting and finding a homes for all the goodies.  Thanks so much for thinking of me and charity projects Cheryl.

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  1. I’m so glad you are teaching the kiddos to love and appreciate fabric. Your house is probably the only place they see unsewn fabric since everyone is too busy to sew these days. I was a late bloomer to sewing and oh what I missed over the years!

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