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I put in an order to Whittles Fabrics.  I am still lamenting on how to finish off my Rick Rack Nines quilt….Originally when I made it I intended on borders.  Then when I needed to order fabric to make that happen I thought..nope no borders….

Well I ordered the came.  Yes, I did order more than I needed….I always do.


The grays and purple prints are stash enhancement.  They are two colors I don’t have much of at all.

The blues I originally thought would complete my Rick Rack Nines.  Here is what I was thinking.The larger floral and the red would be used to border Rick Rack Nines.  The blue to the left would be the backing.


Well…after seeing the fabric live and in person…I have new thoughts.

I adore the blue that’s to the left.  I think I am going to use it to put Star Struck together.  The blocks are done for that.  I’m been at a bit of a stand still with the quilt trying to come up with a fabric plan for the sashing.  It’s too nice of a fabric for it to languish on the back of a quilt.

This all makes me think that Rick Rack Nines won’t get borders.  I need to measure it and see how big it is.  It’s likely going to be a wedding present so that plays into the decisions too.

Here I thought ordering fabric would solve all my problems and get the decisions made and I think it did…or did it??  I’m happy with the purchase and will for sure be using the fabric.  I just think it won’d be in the way I thought…and that’s okay.

Stay tuned….in the mean time, head over to Patchwork Times and she how others are adding (or subtracting to their stash).

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3 thoughts on “Stash Report”

  1. I never heard the phrase “stash enhancement” before. It’s very descriptive! Thanks for the chuckle. For the quilts, I like no borders, especially if the design is very busy. It makes the quilt feel more warm and comfortable to me. Thank you for your lovely blog.

  2. Hi Jo, do you have your rick rack 9s blocks sewn together? On mine, I am thinking of over sizing the setting triangles and making that the border. Have you ever done this/do you think on this one it would work?

  3. Love your plan of using the red and large blue floral for borders on Ric Rac Nine. I think the red would frame it nicely and the Blue would make a nice elegant border. Looking forward to seeing what you decide . . .

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