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Happy news for me….

My choice of triangles for my Pineapple Crazy blocks just got much better!!  I got a box of goodies in the mail from Barbara A in Texas and she included a bunch of triangles that will be perfect for my blocks.

The triangles are all bright fun colors that will be perfect for the blocks.

Included were some cuts of really fun novelty print fabric.I quickly hid the print on top with the princess on it.  I have so many childcare kids that are girls and they are very princess crazy….I keep collecting novelty prints and someday I REALLY want to do a novelty print quilt.  Anyone have a good idea for a pattern??


Speaking of novelty prints, check out the Wizard of Oz.  That HAS to find a way into a quilt of mine.


My favorite of all of things to collect lately is still neutral fabrics.  I just love them….and notice there’s a polka dot in there to.  Yep…I’m still in love with polka dots too!!

Thanks so much for blessing me with your gift of fabric Barbara.  I am sure many of these will find their way into my projects….I’m off to dig into the scrap bags.  All of the little scraps are getting sorted trimmed up and put in the proper sized totes.  Then one day, I’ll grab that white and black polka dot knowing it was a kind blog reader who helped my project get one step closer to completion with her gift of fabric.

Today we’re sharing our stash report over at Patchwork Times.

3 thoughts on “Stash Report”

  1. Why not do a Yellow Brick Road quilt with the novelty prints? This quilt allows for a large amount of the print to be shown, and that would give the children plenty to look at talk about. Whatever you choose to make will be spectacular.

  2. Bonnie Hunter’s Story-Time Stars! Love it! Made one for my grandson’s bed here at my house.

  3. Hi Jo! How about a disappearing nine patch with 5 or 6 inch squares. I made one last year for my sister’s grandson. You put the novelty fabric on the 4 corners, a solid in the middle (I used blue) and another color solid (I used red) for the other squares. When you cut it, the squares are sashed! It’s really fast and easy. Hope you are feeling better each day. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

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