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Hubby doesn’t care a drop about what I buy or don’t buy…he does tease me about boxes that come in the mail though.  No matter what comes he’ll say, “Let me guess, you didn’t order anything…right?!”

I’ll admit that I do order lots from Amazon…it’s convenient especially when we live an half hour from a Wal-Mart and an hour from any other store that’s bigger but typically the packages that come are from blog readers.  This day’s package was no exception…..

Goodies from the Vestal’s in Florida.  There wasn’t a note in the box.  I looked and looked but the return address said Vestal’s…THANKS so much!!  I’ve gotten several packages from the same Florida address and I sure do appreciate it.  I’m in love with the neutral fabrics.  I have such a love of neutrals…especially after making the quilts like Garden Party and Thanks to You.  Fun printed neutrals is really what makes those quilts sing.

I was especailly excited about these…Yep, baby prints.  The pink is out for now being our new little grand baby is a boy…but the others…I LOVE THEM.  I think they need to find a way into the quilt…whatever it is I make.  I’m still not sure yet.

I’ve had people sent me a few suggestions of quilts with fire trucks or tractors.  They are all pretty neat but something in me screams traditional and plaids.  I don’t know…I am sure of this, I’ll likely have to make several more quilts for the little guy while I’m living so I’m not going to sweat it too much.  I’d almost like to give him something none committal now and let him decided for himself if he likes fire trucks or tractors or what.  By the time he moves into a big boy bed, he can tell me what he wants and then that would make that time special.

All I know at this point is that I love the fabric…all of it and thank you so much for it.

Today we’re hooking up with Patchwork Times.

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