Stash Report

I got goodies in the mail again.

Can you believe two boxes came on the same day?

One was from  Carol L.  There were all sorts of goodies the box.  I’ve been trying to expand my fabric horizons into using more greens.  Kelli uses lots of greens in her quilts.  I don’t really like green but I can see my scrappy quilts are always really blue as I like blues better.  These greens to the right of the picture are really going to help with that goal.

Carol wrote that some of the fabric was old as there was some Christopher Columbus fabric likely from the early 1990’s.  I’m all okay with that, I don’t really believe there is an expiration date with fabric, is there??

I’ve been collecting some novelty fabrics foo so the cat fabric that’s front and center is going straight into that box.

the other box was from  Sherry.A friend of hers mom passed away and there was LOTS of fabrics that were the same.  She halved it up and passed on a bunch to me.  There are all sorts of fun pieces here.  Most are already cut into fat quarters.

I took it all up right away and sorted it all.  Putting it all where it needed to go.


My favorite fabric of this bunch had cowboys…that novelty bin of mine is getting quit a few fabrics in it.  I don’t necessarily have a plan for them except that one day, I’m making a novelty quilt.  I don’t know it it will be eye spy…I don’t know if it will be a simple jelly roll race type quilt.  For now, it’s just fun collecting.

Someone a long time ago made a neat quilt that was an alphabet novelty print quilt.  Oh the options….I don’t think I’m going to get too serious about what I”m doing with the prints until I have a grand baby….then it might even wait until they need a big kid quilt.  I have lots of time to dream on the novelty prints.

I love dreaming about the next quilt…no matter what the prints…or colors.  Dreaming quilts is the life for me.

Thanks ladies for adding to that dream…Thanks for thinking of me.

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3 thoughts on “Stash Report”

  1. I got a big bunch of the 1992 Columbus Day fabric at a church rummage sale. After I used it in a little wallhanging, one woman wanted to know if I had more.

  2. Hi Jo,
    I too had a bunch of fabric donated to me and would love to share some with you. Where can I mail it to? I sure do love your blog! Feel better soon.

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