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I had the kids out for a walk the other day.  The weather has been better and we’ve been able to give it a whirl.  With the new baby everyone had to move up… including my little walker.


She’s 2 1/2.  She listens really well so it’s been an okay transition.  She’s a little unsure yet about crossing the bridge and crossing the street.  She’s a little afraid of cars and I’m all the way okay with that.  Here she was just so excited to get out and walk.  Once we get to the corner that she’s heading to then she has to stay next to the stroller.  It was so fun to see her out and so proud of herself.

When we got back from our walk there was a package by the door.  I didn’t remember ordering anything so I was a little surprised.

We carried the box in but it had to wait until the kiddos were in and had lunch.  Then we opened it.

FABRIC!  and lots of it.

There were some minkie scraps….hmm….
I’m going to keep them here for a bit and see if I come up with an idea for them.  If I don’t, I’ll pass them on to the Binkie Patrol group.  There were lots of fun fabrics along with a big stack of solid fabric.  My solid stash has dwindles away so this was great to get.

I have something in mind if I ever get finished with my tidy and organizing kick.

The very best part, for me anyway…was the HUGE bag at the bottom of the box
SCRAPS!  Lovely, glorious scraps!!  It was a scrap lovers dream.


I am so tempted to dive in and sort and pet and organize but alas..not yet.  SOON though.  It’s my treat bag for after I take my medication coming up on Thursday.  Won’t it be awesome to have a bag of goodies to keep me company…and keep me resting a bit. (I am so terrible at resting!)

The goodies all came from June.  I laughed as she wrote, “I am also a fan of Bonnie Hunter but somehow her using of scraps never stuck with me and as a result I was being over run with them.”  I remember being exactly where you are about 15 years ago.  I liked scrappy quilts but could never figure out how to effectively use them.  Scraps back then were more of a curse than a blessing.  I gave my scraps away back then too.

Isn’t it cool in the quilting world that there are people for every type and size of fabric!!

Thanks for the gift June.  It is VERY appreciated.  Your bag will make my quarantine time a lot more fun!

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  1. I have that soccer ball fabric in red. Somewhere. If I haven’t used it up. Glad you’ve got some new toys to play with for your quarantine.

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