Stash Report

Look what came in my mailbox…Goodies from Elly.

She had been doing a little tidying herself and decided to pass along some goodies to me.


I was busy-busy sorting and checking it all out.

I always have fun seeing what people are passing on.  There were books for the kiddos….
These happen to be a little more advanced than my kids can handle so I am passing them on to our son Buck.  Remember I told you about his lending library boxes that he’s been making?  These will be PERFECT.  Absolutely perfect!  The fun thing about the books is that they were exactly the books that Buck would have read as a kid.

There was yarn for Kayla’s charity knitting and crochet marathon.

There was a VERY cute little bunny pattern to make a stuffed bunny.  I held onto that.  I think I’ll get around to that sometime.  Likely not soon…but someday.

Of course there was fabric…And a totally awesome charity quilt top that I can’t wait to put on the frame.  Honestly, I think I’d like to even make one.  It’s all I love…scrappy…nine patches.  Just wait until you see it!!

There was a very cute 12″ wire quilt frame with a farm scene.  Kelli snapped that up.

There were some vintage embroidery table cloths and dresser scarves.  They are so cool.  The material they are printed on is awesome…tan and vintage.   It sure would be great to have the time to plop down and stitch them up.  In time maybe.

(side track coming!!) I have to tell you a quick little story here…Kelli loves to embroider.  She loves cross stitch too.  If I’ve been thrifting I’ve picked up unfinished pillow cases and have given to her.  Over the years there have been six sets.  Well she’s working at the nursing home now and there is a lady who loves to embroider.  The other day Kelli asked if she wanted more pillow cases to embroider.  She said yes so Kelli passed them along to her.  The lady was tickled.  Kelli said to her that should she need floss of something to let her know.  Kelli gifted the cases to her not expecting anything.  The next time she went to work the lady said-you know you offered to get me something for doing these pillow cases, how about a bottle of peppermint schnapps?  Apparently the lady has been taking nasty meds and thought the schnapps might help the pills go down easier.  HA!!

I sure hope my eyes are good enough at 80 some to be doing needlework.

Anyway…at the bottom of the box was a piece of burlap that was printed on and intended for RUG HOOKING!!  WOW.  Perfect.  I am going to practice on something first before I jump in to the burlap on in the bag.  I was so shocked to see it.  It got me charger up to finish some organizing so I can get back to trying out the hooking.

WOW…I can’t thank you enough Elly.  Your gift was so appreciated.

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