Stash Report

One thing about all these doctor appointments, I have been getting to stop at thrift stores.

My latest haul…


The two pieces of fabric…50 cents each.  The green is about 2 yards and the red a yard.  I have some scraps that will go with the red fabric that were left over from when I made this quilt.

(read more about that quilt here)

I have quite a lot of scrap left over but not enough to make a quilt.  The fabric is mostly Kaffe Fassett’s Woven Stripes. They don’t mix the best with other fabrics I want this type of look.  I am hoping I have enough now to do a baby quilt at least.

The lime green polka dot..who can resist polka dots…NOT ME!!  I think they are my favorite fabric.

The shirt…well that’s going into my pile of shirts that need to be cut up..and no.  I’m not done cutting them up …yet.  I am still determined.  Little by little, I am tackling those shirts.  I know I didn’t need another one but it’s pink.  Pink ones are hard to find.

Today we are hooking up with Patchwork Times.

2 thoughts on “Stash Report”

  1. Makes me happy to see your great finds. I’ve maxed our house out on my own finds so have cut myself off from the hunt. Now I can get the same pleasure from following your finds. And you are much more efficient at putting the found treasures to use. The only missing part is I want to touch them. If I lived near you I’d be begging to debone those shirts for you. Love your blogs.

  2. I’ve sworn off even thrift shops………I really had to!!! My stash runneth over (and under and everywhere!!!). Love Kaffe but there are definitely those pieces that don’t play well with the rest of my stash either!

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