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You might remember that a couple weeks ago I told you that I had gotten some goodies at local thrift store like this box of goodies…all denim..all cut up into pieces.  I had said that someday I’m doing a denim quilt and I still have intentions too.  Part of me loved the top quilt block that was in the box of denim.  What you can’t see is that the dark blue is actually corduroy.  Isn’t that a fun block mixing the denim and corduroy?


But where to get corduroy???  Where oh where….Apparently all I needed to do is wait a few days, stop at the thrift store again and the corduroy would magically be there….because that’s exactly what I did.  I went back to the store and found a box that had corduroy pieces on top of the box.  I don’t remember…I think the whole box was $3.


I was willing to spend $3 for a someday quilt.  After all, I already had the box of denim.  This will be a cheap quilt…should I ever get to it.

Once home, I decided to look through the box.  There was corduroy on the top…see the stack?


But below, there were more fabrics.Be still my heart.  there is something that looks very double wedding ring.


But alas, it wasn’t anything as amazing as I had hoped.

While at the store, they had another flat of fabric.  $5 was the price on this one.  It’s filled with lots of fabrics that were all about 4 yards each.  I LOVED the green one on top of the box.  That one will be great for a recycled shirt quilt.  I was really excited about this find.  I would have gladly paid $5 just for the green piece of fabric.


I also picked up a separate piece of fabric.  This one.  Kelli thought I was crazy for buying it.  It’s cotton and it was only 50 cents.  Besides that, there are 4 yards there.  She’s convinced I’ll never use the piece.


Do you know I think of that???  CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.  I think it will likely be a quilt back but just because she said that, I really do plan to make sure I use it!

It was a fun thrifting day.  $7.50 bought a lot of fabric!!

Today we’re hooking up with Patchwork Times.

15 thoughts on “Stash Report”

  1. 50cents for 4 yards! I agree with you, a must have! It will make an excellent backing. Now you have to make some quilt blocks in those colours, or large neutral pieced blocks with large yellow and orange flowers appliqued in random places. I can clearly see the quilt in my head.

  2. I love that crazy fabric! And you’re so lucky you’re able to get fabric in your local thrift stores, there’s never any fabric in ours :(

  3. Love the bright colors. If used in a scrappy quilt, the large overall pattern (if you don’t like it) would be lost and the fun colors would still be there. There is never any fabric at our local thrift store. But a lot the volunteers that work there are quilters so I’m sure any fabric goes into charity quilts at the churches, and that is a good thing.

  4. I love the bright colours in this fabric. I think it would go well in a modern quilt, where the background is a blend of muted colours then this fabric POPS in small squares or long stripes. Wish I lived near your thrift store, you get great finds !

  5. Have not had any luck with fabric at the thrift store-just shirts on sale and I HAVE totes full now. So no buying for me. . .trying to USE up SOME of what I have. I quilted Chunky Churndashes yesterday. Now to get the binding on.

  6. PattiLynn you are right on about using the fabric on a baby quilt for Kelli. That made me laugh. Good thrift store finds. I would love finding the treasures you found, Jo.

  7. thift stores in my area don’t usually have fabric either. i agree with others. i would use the challenge fabric on a quilt for a mini kelli – even use it on the back, maybe burp pads, bumper pads, bib, etc. you could also do a heirloom type quilt also. i like my baby quilts to be used. my granddaughter is 23 and her baby quilt is fraying at the binding but she won’t let me take and repair it. take care of yourself, jo. prayers for healing. patti in florida

  8. Jo, this week I will be filling a box of scraps for your beautiful Pineapple strings quilts as well as adding a few yards of backing fabrics that I ended up not liking for my youngest daughter’s quilt that is still a work of progress..after many many months. I am truly hoping that you’ll find the perfect use for the Pink/Blue Cross-Hatch yardage that I wasn’t happy with once I received it. If anyone can use it up it would be you for sure! Please keep me updated on what you do with it if anything. Thank you for all you have taught me over the past couple of years. I SO look forward to each and every post you have posted! I am always learning from you! God Bless You all.

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