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My mail had goodies…Fun goodies for a gal that loves all things vintage and all things ABC’s.


This was sent from Leigh Ann.  She had bought some fabrics with good intentions when her grandchildren were little…alas they grew up before time allowed her to make a baby quilt.  That left her passing her goodies on to me.

I love the fabric.  ABC prints are always high on my list of favorites.  I love education and ABC quilts seem to say that so it’s a perfect quilt for me to make..but now I need to come up with a pattern.Kelli suggested cutting out the letters and randomly adding fabric around the edges.  Right now if I cut the letters out, they would be all different sizes.  Notice how big the “Q” is and how small the “B” is.  “V” and “W” are together so that one is extra big.  Kelli thinks I should randomly add scrappy prints around the letters and try to get them all to the same size like 6 1/2″.  That sounds like a pretty good idea to me and something I could do easily enough.

The letters don’t look girly but the red fabric that matches it kind of does.  It has little girls playing dolls on it….Hmm….

Kalissa and Craig are going to find out it they are having a boy or a girl but that doesn’t happen until sometime in May.  In the meantime, I think I am going to start working on this as time allows.

Leigh Ann-Thanks so much for your well wishes for our new grand baby.  I appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Does anyone else have ideas to make these wonderful fabrics into a baby quilt?

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  1. I can’t work out how large the alphabet fabric is: would it work as a whole piece in the centre of a medallion quilt? Borders could have ISpy type squares dotted in them – little owls, cats, dogs, umbrellas etc.

  2. I have a similar piece of fabric and have been contemplating what to do with it. I think I am going to leave the letters in rows and add random width colored strips in between the rows, or do a strip of color and something like a row of pinwheels. I’m still noodling around ideas, but I’m still leaning towards leaving the rows of letters in tac, and making it more of a row by row quilt. Kind of reminds me of old school where the alphabet would be across the top of a blackboard, or up around the ceiling.

  3. I had a similar piece and when my grandson was born I used the letters to spell out his name (first and last because we have a short last name) as the front of the quilt and used the other letters on the back. It made a big 9 block quilt about 50X55. It made a really
    cute quilt. I just used primary colors to make the blocks all the same size. On a label on the back I listed his family tree through his great grandparents for both parents.

  4. The N and the O don’t look like they are far enough apart to cut out and sew, so I would leave it as a panel too and just add a border. Cute.

  5. What about a strip quilt for the ABC fabric? The longer I think on it the more I can see. I’m sure whatever you choose to do it will be cute and fun to make. Enjoy.

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