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Hooray-Hooray, Mail today!!

I got a box of fun in the mail.

There are all sorts of goodies….The strips are going right into my string quilt blocks that I’ve been working on.The floral sunflowers and going into the box of floral prints I have.  I am saving them to make Bonnie Hunter’s Floribunda pattern.

I really smiled when I saw one of the red Civil War reproductions.  I used the last of mine not to long ago and had lamented as it was a favorite fabric of mine.

I think my favorite part of quilting will always be the petting and sorting of fabric….I LOVE IT!!

This was an anonymous box of goodies…all I know is that “M” in Texas made my day!  Thanks for the great goodies.  I really appreciate it.

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8 thoughts on “Stash Report”

  1. I’ve been saving strings too, could you tell me roughly how wide yours are – I’m wondering how narrow is too narrow to bother keeping.

  2. I love the boxes of assorted scraps too. They seem better when they come from someone else. I have a large bag I am saving for my cancer surgery tomorrow. I know it will brighten my day when I come home.

  3. Jo, I don’t get to read your blog everyday, so I usually want to read today’s post, then the previous one, and the one before that…just sort of catch up. However, I don’t see on your blog how to read anything but that day’s post. There is no ‘older’ link to click. Some bloggers have a list of posts on the right margin and you can select a post’s date to click on to read that post. But for today’s post, all I could read was what you posted today and that’s all. Am I missing something? It might just be me, and there’s a way to read it all! I enjoy your blog!

  4. This is for Sally. You have to go back to the first page of the post. Scroll down and you can find 3 or 4 day of previous posts and than you will finally get to the “older posts” link.

  5. I need fairies to send me strings, too. I’m working on Bonnie’s String-X pattern and don’t have a lot of scraps myself. It’s so fun when I get some from someone else and get to look through all of their fun fabrics. Enjoy yours!

  6. For Jen B- anything less than 3/4 of an inch is too small and I go up to just under an 1 and half. If I can get an inch and a half strip, I put it into the Scrap User’s System (Bonnie Hunter’s blog has details on that. Hope that helps you!

  7. This is for Connie:thank you! I knew it had to be there somewhere because it seemed I had used it in the past! I also now see the “archives” on the right side. It’s very organized!

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