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I’ve been going to the doctor with my foot trying to get it ready for summer and walking Ruby now that the weather is getting nice.  It has been a kind of nice…these appointments I’ve been able to go to myself and I’ve been able to get a few of the errands done.

On one trip I hurried through my errands so I could squeeze in time to stop at the thrift store.

They had a box of fabric for 25 cents.  There was a lot of material that really had no was that old fashion polyester but there were a few good pieces on top.  I decided to get the box, take what I want and toss the rest.  I kept these things in the photo.


I found another box at the thrift was this…


I opened the box and found this….feed sack fabrics.  Score.  YES…I’ll take that for $2.


I should have passed up this little box of pieced square but it was only 25 cents.  It’s hard to say no at 25 cents.


Once home I kind of kicked myself because I didn’t buy a box of denim.  It was all perfectly cut and folded flat.  It was only $2.  I didn’t think I’d make a denim quilt..but maybe I would.  For $2 I should have just bought it.  I lamented over it and wished I had bought it.

I ended up calling Kelli and asking her to stop by and see if it was still there.  It was and she brought it home.  I love that top block.  If I had more corduroy I just might try a block….it’s cute.


I don’t need another project…but I like it.

Stopping at the thrift store was a fun little pick me up that I needed.

Today we’re hooking up with Patchwork Times.

7 thoughts on “Stash Report”

  1. The first quilts I made were fom my children’s out-grown jeans and woollen coats. I made them for my beautiful English Cocker Spaniel, Henry. I made made lots of them,,I was addicted! And the crazy pooch use:-Pd to try to bury one occasionally, I usually found them but not always. Henry went walkies with the angels 5 years ago, but I still have some of his quilts:-)

  2. Do it! Denim is great to sew. It’s more forgiving than cotton and the quilt goes together very quickly. Everyone in my family has one of my denim quilts and loves them. They know they can use them for anything and not worry about ruining one of the “nice” quilts.

    I also make a denim quilt each year for a school district fundraiser. The silent auction item is always a hot seller. In the beginning I made a plain quilt of squares. I tied the quilt in the center of the squares. Denim is very heavy to work with, so I didn’t think I could quilt it. I recently started machine quilting them and love the look. I’ve always pieced the quilts using a 1929 Singer, which does an awesome job on the heavy fabric.

    Have fun with all of your new fabric!

  3. I make denim quilts with half cotton – like alternating squares of denim and a simple pieced block. My machine quilts through them just fine (a DSM), and the resulting quilt is heavy and, if I was careful not to overquilt, very soft… the result is a great, great snuggle quilt – perfect for a cold winter day or a bout with the flu. When I don’t feel well, I especially like that heavy, warm quilt on me… great scores !

  4. I think this is funny you tossed what we use. Our church makes quilts out of the polyester
    which is very hard to find now. We cut up polyester clothing that people hang on to. We have used up almost of the polyester scraps we have. Now we are using cotton our quilts are for world relief.

    1. CRAP. I wish I had known. I didn’t think anyone used that old poly anymore. Should I come by some again, I will send it your way. I feel horrible.

  5. Jo you always find such great deals at the thrift stores I was wondering how you best get rid of the smell that usually accompanies fabric from thrift stores or Estate Sales etc….I have washed with vintage, baking soda even with ammonia! To no avail, the only thing that works fairly well is hanging the fabrics on the clothes line for at least a week.. I had hubby put the line up under the shade of the tree so not to have it fade…….I forgot about the birds in the shade tree UGH. I need help.

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